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Debunking Myths About Sexual Addiction

At the age of 20, Steven came out as gay to his highly religious parents. As members of a very conservative sect, they struggled to accept his “choice” as “normal,” and they decided to seek advice from their pastor. Unfortunately, their pastor, a trained and licensed pastoral counselor, suggested “sex addiction treatment” with another therapist in their religious community. In this treatment, Steven was given a variety of highly homophobic tasks to complete—participating in...
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Sexual Abuse: Justice Came in A Dream

When the #metoo movement began, I applauded it! But I didn't really think I had anything to #metoo about. When you're brainwashed to "Live Symbolically" as if life is perfect so you only react as if life is perfect, a lot of #metoo's can happen — and you're too ashamed to flinch.

But as time went on, I realized there'd been a lot of #metoo moments in my life I'd blamed myself for. Memories surfaced of...
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Narcissistic Brainwashing: How Larry Nassar Thinks

All your life, you think one way. Your family is fine. Normal. Apparently, love hurts. But you stay because your family convinced you that strangers would hurt, abuse and rape you.

Then one memorable day, you discovered narcissism. And everything changed. Everything. You rethought every relationship, every event, everything your family ever said or did. Your isolation. All your gut instincts, intuitions and hunches.

Suddenly, you realize that everything you thought you knew is exactly the opposite. You were brainwashed....
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