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How I Overcame my Fear and Learned to Speak Up

Tracy Kennedy had a breakthrough that so many of us need: Learning to speak up and show ourselves to the world, in spite of our fears. As long as we don't speak our minds and feelings, we live in the shadows, hiding behind a facade that can only lead to emptiness. When someone overcomes this fate, it's a tale worth telling. Here's Tracy's story in her own words.

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ADHD Symptoms

Notes on the ‘One Emotional Cause of Addiction’ Theory: Is Dr. Dodes Right?

I’ve been studying a provocative theory on the cause of addictive behavior. I am not endorsing this view, merely sharing.

Amid a mountain of theory and evidence for the ‘addiction as a brain disease’ model, one psychiatrist seems to have started a movement that speaks to the underlying emotions related to addiction.

This includes all addictive behaviors, including chronic abuse of alcohol, drugs, sex, spending, gambling, internet use, and so on.

The originator of this emotional theory...
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