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Cultivate Resiliency and Learn to Weather Life’s Emotional Storms

As you know, life doesn't always go as planned! 

We all face adversities -- illness, financial problems, heartbreak, parenting struggles, natural disasters, and on and on. And since we can't always control what happens to us, the best we can do is learn to cope and build confidence in our ability to cope.

Resiliency is our ability to effectively overcome and recover from what life throws our way. And the good news is we can cultivate resiliency...
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10 Facts You Need To Know About Emotions

Do you tend to feel things more deeply than do other people? Or are you more on the intellectual end of the spectrum, more in touch with your thoughts than your emotions? What are your beliefs about feelings? Do you fall prey to any of the following myths?

Myth: Emotions are irrational/silly/a sign of weakness. Truth: Emotions allow us to express to ourselves and to those around us what we are experiencing. Also, emotions provide important...
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