JK Rowling’s TERF War Gets a Kick in the… Science

JK Rowling broke out medical science to defend her controversial stance on trans women. Responding to twitter attacks—which included people falsely attributing anti-mental health quotes to Rowling—the author posted a series of tweets with links to articles that show her opinions are shared by some medical professionals.


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade: Modern Parenting Done Right

Earlier this year, Dwayne Wayde’s then 12-year-old daughter came out as transgender. Her revelation was met with total support from both Wade and her stepmother, Gabrielle Union. Wade first opened up about his daughter’s transition (with her permission) during an appearance on Ellen back in February where he described the moment when his daughter announced that she was ready to live her truth:

“Once Zaya… originally born Zion as a boy – came home and said,


Racial Injustice and Mental Health

For a minute it looked like real progress toward racial justice was possible.

The Black Lives Matter movement during the last few weeks had many people who previously didn’t even consider racial disparities discover their role in an unjust system.


Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson & Others Show the Limitations In Celebrity Activism in the Problematic “I Take Responsibility” PSA

In the latest example of tone-deaf celeb activism, several celebs including Julianne Moore, Sara Paulson, and Kristen Bell took part in an NAACP-backed anti-racism PSA wherein they “took responsibility” for various forms of racism including:

  • Laughing at racist jokes
  • Explaining away or turning a blind eye to police brutality
  • Ignoring racism and blatant injustice
  • Generally remaining silent on the issue of racism