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Lonely hearts and narcissists

Valentine’s Day is a hard day for lonely hearts and narcissists

Not getting a Valentine card, not being loved or remembered, can hurt. For those with narcissistic issues the problems are more severe.

Narcissists suffer from disturbances to areas of their self-image.

Like Maleficent, the Queen in Sleeping Beauty asking a particular question of her magic mirror, they want to live in a world which only reflects back just how special they are.
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Barriers to Care

Barriers to Care: Fiction’s Potential Influence on Inhibiting Help-Seeking

Although estimates vary, it is generally agreed that at least 40% of people who suffer mental health issues do not receive mental health care.  Barriers to care include concrete barriers like limited access to providers and financial constraints; other barriers are attitudinal and may center on societal stigma or negative personal beliefs about treatment’s effectiveness.

In fact, beliefs and attitudes may pose more substantial barriers to care than do economic obstacles (Mojtabai et al., 2011). ...
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You Can Start Over If You Believe In Yourself

Whatever is going on with you, whether you a struggling with depression, anxiety, a personality disorder, addiction, or other mental or emotional illness, you might feel like you'd like to just start all over again, fresh, with a blank slate, to embrace change, grow, live and love.

You might daydream about starting fresh or you might feel that thinking that way, feeling a flicker of hope, is just too painful--after all, haven't your hopes been shattered...
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