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How To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success

What is self-sabotage?
Self-sabotage means you’re doing things to undermine your own goals. Self-sabotage can take many forms including:

Indecision and avoidance
Self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, etc.
Other unhealthy habits such as staying up too late
Denying your feelings
People-pleasing and comparison
Relationships that don’t support your goals because they tear you down emotionally or physically, don’t meet your needs, or distract you from your goals

People self-sabotage either by...
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Are You A Sleep Procrastinator?

I often stay up too late.
Staying up late is one of my bad habits. There is always one more email to write, one more dish to wash, one more episode of The Big Bang Theory to watch. Like a lot of parents, I crave some time to myself after the kids go to bed. I am a sleep procrastinator.
What is sleep procrastination?
I wasn't actually sure that sleep procrastination is a "real...
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