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Debunking Myths About Sexual Addiction

At the age of 20, Steven came out as gay to his highly religious parents. As members of a very conservative sect, they struggled to accept his “choice” as “normal,” and they decided to seek advice from their pastor. Unfortunately, their pastor, a trained and licensed pastoral counselor, suggested “sex addiction treatment” with another therapist in their religious community. In this treatment, Steven was given a variety of highly homophobic tasks to complete—participating in...
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Going Rogue After Isolation: A Control Source for the Turpins, Cults and Narcissists

What do cults, narcissists and the infamous Turpins all have in common? They isolate their victims. And not just physically. Intellectually. Relationally. Spiritually. Emotionally. Every way.

Why? To create a very limited reality of their own design so they can keep you stupid, naïve and thus, controllable. To make sure you don't see how normal people live in case you should yearn for it and, horrors, slip their shackles.

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Multiple Versions of Porn Addiction? More Discourse Needed!

Last month I posted a blog to this site (click here to read) noting the difference between true sex addicts and those who inaccurately label themselves as addicted based on internalized and/or culturally informed shame about their sexual desires and behaviors, rather than the benchmarks used by treatment specialists when identifying, diagnosing, and treating sex/porn addiction. In that article I noted that treating non-addicted clients as addicted simply because they or the people around...
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