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Coping Strategies

6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Procrastination

Are you a teen or young adult lost in your work?

I feel you.

I think I may have ADD, however I have always compensated by completing my work AHEAD OF TIME so as to minimize anxiety.  This works for me.  It could work for you too!  I am so ahead of schedule that I often buy birthday presents months in advance and then lose them!

Still.  I talk with teens and young adults...
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Coping Strategies

Girls Demand More – 5 Ways to Strengthen Our Boys

All my writing is about girls.  More girls come to therapy.  So what is going on with our boys these days?  From dating to gun violence we seem to be at a loss.

I met a new patient who is a 17 yo boy from the 'burbs.  He was cute in that awkward kind of way, lanky and unsure of himself, athletic.  His parents were in shock that he was struggling with such strong emotions as...
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Coping Strategies

The Children Speak – #NeverAgain

As a therapist I read threads on how to speak to your children about the FL school shooting.

I can't hear it.

I am paralyzed.

All I can do is post stupid memes on FB that do nothing. I can't find the words professionally or personally for myself, let alone my children, or any children that I see in practice.

     "I would rather not be alone" they said
     You've Done Nothing (said one...
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Coping Strategies

Hook-Up Culture Shock – 10 Ways to Fix it Right Now

Let's get rid of it. The hook-up culture. I don't know when it started. But let's stop it. I'm guessing it began as a feminist thing. We want casual sex too! We don't care. But we do. In the last 15 years of my practice never once have I heard a young girl tell me that she liked being dumped in the morning. NEVER ONCE. As I was watching these confident olympian girls and women,...
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