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Perfectionism and the Pregnant Woman – Part 2

In my last post, I spoke about perfectionism being a personality trait – a part of who we are. Like many personality styles, there are two sides to perfectionism – a positive, healthy side and a not-so-positive and - dare I say - destructive side.

And while you may have come into your pregnancy with perfectionistic tendencies, they can take on a different look in pregnancy….and beyond. After all, from a perfectionist’s perspective, now there is a whole other series of things to have...
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What to Do When List-Making and Over-Planning Take Over Your Life

Last Christmas my client, Laura, shared how she bakes bountiful amounts of holiday cookies for co-workers, friends, and family. She meticulously plans her grocery store shopping list by combining the list of ingredients she needs for each recipe together, and then making one huge shopping trip. The list might take her two or three hours to get together over two or three days.

Inevitably during the shopping trip, Laura forgets an ingredient that she had failed to...
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