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What Are The Three Top Relationship Killers? Expert Opinions

What do you think are the three top relationship killers?

About a month ago a relationship site contacted me and asked me that question. The Coordinator of the site said that they were gathering the opinions of people, like myself, who worked with and wrote about couples. In the end they gathered some fascinating and important comments from 62 experts. I would invite you to consider that when your relationship is...
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Wondering If Your Relationship Is Normal?

Oh, that tricky word: "normal." What does that mean, anyway? When I hear my clients ask, "Is it 'normal' for [fill in the blank] to be happening?" or "Why can't my life/relationship/job/thoughts/feelings/etc. be 'normal'?", I always ask for what their definition of "normal" is. Of course, there is no definition that fits every scenario. What is "normal" for one person would be "abnormal" for another.

Many clients come to counseling because...
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