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ADHD Symptoms

Check Out these Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Before You Give Up Searching for Solutions to Chronic Stress

Chronic stress might be the disease of our time. Some would argue that it is the single most damaging factor in modern life, contributing more to physical, mental and emotional dysfunction than any other phenomenon.

From lowered immunity, increased weight gain and elevated blood pressure, to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative conditions, depression and mental illness, chronic stress and the resulting elevation in cortisol levels lower our life expectancy, reduce...
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ADHD Symptoms

5 Ways to Center Yourself in the Midst of Chaos

I don't know about you, but to me the world feels less certain and more chaotic than ever.

Both sides would probably agree that the political world has cracked. Climate change, whether you believe in it or not, casts a broad web of stress and conflict. And random acts of violence continue unmitigated. Our personal lives are also less grounded, given the infusion of technological distractions.

Grounded. That's what we need to feel. Centered and...
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How I Overcame my Fear and Learned to Speak Up

Tracy Kennedy had a breakthrough that so many of us need: Learning to speak up and show ourselves to the world, in spite of our fears. As long as we don't speak our minds and feelings, we live in the shadows, hiding behind a facade that can only lead to emptiness. When someone overcomes this fate, it's a tale worth telling. Here's Tracy's story in her own words.

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Two Steps to Successfully Adopt New Weight Loss Behaviors

Chances are if you need to lose weight, you also need to adopt some new behaviors and turn those behaviors into habits, right?

Just about everyone struggles with changing old behaviors or adopting new ones, and one activity that is particularly common to struggle with is exercise.

Every year around the first of the year, people begin to make resolutions to adopt new behaviors and drop old ones, unfortunately of the time to fail miserably.

According to...
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