JK Rowling’s TERF War

JK Rowling is usually one to go toe-to-toe with critics regarding her opinion on the role of biological sex in Feminism and Women’s Rights. Today, however, I guess she wasn’t feeling quite up to it (she got it anyway).


Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Sarah Paulson & Others Show the Limitations In Celebrity Activism in the Problematic “I Take Responsibility” PSA

In the latest example of tone-deaf celeb activism, several celebs including Julianne Moore, Sara Paulson, and Kristen Bell took part in an NAACP-backed anti-racism PSA wherein they “took responsibility” for various forms of racism including:

  • Laughing at racist jokes
  • Explaining away or turning a blind eye to police brutality
  • Ignoring racism and blatant injustice
  • Generally remaining silent on the issue of racism