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Is Jesus All You Need for Emotional Healing?

All my life I've watched people stand up in church and tearfully tell how all their problems were solved by inviting Jesus into their heart (a phrase not found in the Bible, btw.) And all my life, their claims bothered me. I just didn't buy it. No therapy. No counseling. No journaling. No learning. No soul searching. No recovery. Their testimonies implied that Jesus healed everything from pain from narcissistic abuse to addiction with absolutely no effort on their part, no...
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Book Excerpt

Understanding Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome: Ten Tips on Defending Against It

An Excerpt from The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap (2018)

Lately, an increasing number of books, articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and social networking sites are focusing on Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome (NAS), also known as Narcissistic Victim Syndrome. Like most newly recognized and understood psychological or relational phenomena, descriptive and diagnostic data must be developed so it can be accepted in broader clinical/mental health circles. The more that is researched and written about it,...
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Sexy, Jealous Narcissistic Moms (Pt 2 of 2)

As I wrote in Part 1 Sexy, Competitive Narcissistic Moms, "Narcissistic mothers don't allow their daughters to become women in their own right." That includes fertility.

Family Way?

Unfortunately, Jennifer Turpin isn't the only one whose twenties were spent in starvation and filth. At least three other of the recently rescued Turpins are women in their twenties. What if they want to have families one day? Will they be able to? While their super-fertile mother, who gave birth to prisoner after prisoner, was...
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Sexy, Competitive Narcissistic Moms (Pt 1 of 2)

"In this image-conscious age, it is a bittersweet moment for many mothers to confront the fact that their daughter's beauty eclipses her own," writes Katerine Knight for the DailyMail. "It is a rite of passage that most women, while far from thrilled, are pragmatic enough to accept as a part of life. But not 50-year-old Janet." The article goes on to tell about Janet (50) who spent $58,000 on plastic surgery to look exactly like her daughter, Jane (28) rationalizing that...
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Sexual Abuse: Justice Came in A Dream

When the #metoo movement began, I applauded it! But I didn't really think I had anything to #metoo about. When you're brainwashed to "Live Symbolically" as if life is perfect so you only react as if life is perfect, a lot of #metoo's can happen — and you're too ashamed to flinch.

But as time went on, I realized there'd been a lot of #metoo moments in my life I'd blamed myself for. Memories surfaced of...
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Narcissistic Brainwashing: How Larry Nassar Thinks

All your life, you think one way. Your family is fine. Normal. Apparently, love hurts. But you stay because your family convinced you that strangers would hurt, abuse and rape you.

Then one memorable day, you discovered narcissism. And everything changed. Everything. You rethought every relationship, every event, everything your family ever said or did. Your isolation. All your gut instincts, intuitions and hunches.

Suddenly, you realize that everything you thought you knew is exactly the opposite. You were brainwashed....
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Addictive Relating

5 (Good) Reasons to Leave a Narcissist

It's not easy to leave a narcissist. Focusing on good, solid reasons is a vital step. It's a necessary momentum to reach a goal vital to your wellbeing and life, in this case, to open the cage door of a toxic relationship, and realize you've had wings to fly away along ... at minimum emotionally.

It starts in the mind, your mind. Not his.

In a sense, leaving him is the easy part. You want to start...
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Going Rogue After Isolation: A Control Source for the Turpins, Cults and Narcissists

What do cults, narcissists and the infamous Turpins all have in common? They isolate their victims. And not just physically. Intellectually. Relationally. Spiritually. Emotionally. Every way.

Why? To create a very limited reality of their own design so they can keep you stupid, naïve and thus, controllable. To make sure you don't see how normal people live in case you should yearn for it and, horrors, slip their shackles.

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Maybe You’re Only Seeing What you Want

We all have wants and needs. Other people play key roles in meeting those wants and needs. That’s how it works.
So maybe you’re so bent on getting what you need that you only see the parts of others that meet those needs, ignoring the rest. Then it backfires and you’re upset. This is narcissistic, but probably a common form of narcissism.

For example:
Someone in your life who is impressed with you...
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Smiling Devils – The Infamous Turpins and their Shackled Children

Nothing makes me more furious than when one human being holds another human being against their will — whether the victim realizes it or not, regardless of whether their shackles are physical or mental, emotional, spiritual or financial. I'm convinced it happens much more than we realize. Hell, it happened to me! It may've happened to you. Almost weekly, the DailyMail runs a horrific story about a forgotten person(s) discovered in a shed, a basement, a filthy bedroom.

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Realizing Your Dream Life after Narcissistic Abuse (Pt 2 of 2)

As I wrote in Part 1, "Our narcissists defined us as a person wrongly and pressed us into a lifestyle that was inauthentic to us. They scoffed at our dreams and mocked/appropriated our creativity. In the end, we crawled into our shells and gave up on living, really living!"

This is our big chance to jettison all of that, step back and design a life that would make us really happy. Maybe even your "dream life"!
This is Your Dream Life!
Grab your journal...
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