LindaClearing is a term that describes the process of coming to terms with our own anger without ever speaking to the other person. By developing methods to free ourselves from carrying the anger,


Why Winning Doesn’t Work

Although arguments generally can’t always be avoided, it is possible to create arguments that produce productive, rather than destructive outcomes that result in greater understanding, trust, and mutual respect. Bringing about such an outcome requires that we begin with an intention to do so.


Self-trust and How To Build It

Linda: Self-trust is not trusting yourself to know all the answers; nor is it believing that you will always do the right things. It’s having the conviction that you will be kind and respectful to yourself regardless of the outcome of your efforts.



LindaA need is anything that is an essential component to promote well-being in our lives. Although these needs are not essential to your survival,


Speculations, Assumptions, & Projections

CharlieThe word “project” has multiple definitions and two possible pronunciations. The noun, ‘project’ has an emphasis on the first syllable, as in “Writing a book is a fascinating and challenging project”.


The Antidote to Arrogance

We often write about the virtues and qualities that promote healthy and mutually-fulfilling relationships, such as generosity, respect, commitment, and compassion, to name a few in the top ten. Cultivating these qualities through intentional practice will do a lot to enhance the quality of all of our relationships.


Sore Spots Part 1

Sore spots. We all have them. Those places where we get easily triggered, quickly defensive and irrationally reactive. It’s the emotional equivalent of being poked in a fresh wound. Those unhealed places in us that haven’t yet received sufficient care,


Playing Out Our Childhood Role

 “If we are to understand the underlying issues in our marriage, we need a working knowledge of the dramatic structure of the family we each grew up in particularly the roles we assumed and how we came to occupy them.”

–Augustus Napier in The Fragile Bond

The roles that Dr.


Getting Grit Part 2

This is the second installment of our two part series on “Grit”, defined by Webster as “indomitable spirit; resourceful courage and daring in the face of difficulty.”

In case you’re wondering about what in the world would be sufficiently challenging to require such great strength of will and intention,