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10 Annoying Things People Do At Work

At least twice a week I have to listen to someone in my office file their nails, and it drives me up the wall. However, it got me thinking of annoying things people do that they might not even realize can drive some co-workers crazy.  Here is a list of things to consider not doing at your desk:

File your nails - You are not at a nail salon
Floss your teeth - You are not...
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Here's a fact: People are not always going to accept you, for whatever reason, but maybe more frequently because off the stigma of mental illness.

Being Beautifully Bipolar can be a tough thing for others to accept. They have this preconceived notion that we are crazy,...
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There Are People …

People ...

There are people who live in houses that look like magazine photos. That's not me.

There are people who have their future plotted out perfectly. And if things go differently, they know exactly what their plan "B" is. That's not me.

There are people who buy a book and when they're done reading it they donate it to the thrift store or a charity book sale or they take it to the second...
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Creative Thinking

How to Channel Your Deep Self-Doubt into Your Creativity

Self-doubt can cripple creativity. As Sylvia Plath wrote in her journal, "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." Which is true because our own insecurities can stop us from making and producing and inventing. They can convince us that we're not good enough to pick up a pen or paintbrush. And we stop before we ever start.

Often we assume the answer is to eliminate our self-doubt. But what's more helpful is to learn to...
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The Community of Single People: New Data on Who We Are and What We Talk About

In July of 2015, I started a Facebook group, the Community of Single People (CoSP), for people who want to share experiences and discuss every aspect of single life except dating or attempting to escape single life. We are people who want to live our single lives fully, joyfully, and unapologetically. (You can read more about the Community, and how it developed over time, here.)

The number of CoSP members surpassed 2,000 a few months ago. Thanks to the Facebook feature, “Group Insights,”...
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We Are So Different Part 2

Learning from the differences.
Charlie: In this process we came to see that it was our wounds themselves that were to become the source of much of the growth and healing that Linda and I would experience together. These wounds included emotional injuries from our early original families as well as the many painful wounds that we inflicted upon each other during the years that we were groping blindly towards some means of trying to keep our...
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3 Tips to Stay Strong in Tough Times

From the Chrissy B. Show, three tips to stay strong in tough times such as facing loss.

Including an anecdote from her own family, Chrissy illustrates how there is hope and life changes, and talks about how to challenge negativity.

The Chrissy B. Show is a TV show about mental health and wellness from the...
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Finding flow in parenting: What brain science tells us, and how we can

It’s easy to hear people talking about “finding flow” and think of some impossible-to-achieve state, or something that’s especially hard to find in the midst of the daily moments of parenting. But research shows us that this state of flow—in which we’re doing something we’re passionate about, and lose track of time—is actually key to helping us be creative, both in the moment, and in...
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What do you mean that's not a word???

Last Friday I talked about transitioning, and since I hate to transition, I may just keep talking about it now that I'm on the topic.

Oh, wait. On Monday I talked about Anxiety. I guess I already transitioned.

And now I'm transitioning back ... to transitioning.

But today I also want to touch on how Hyper-focus, or perseverance, play a role in our issues with transitioning.

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Suicide: 4 Ways To Understand “Suicide-Contagion”

Have you ever heard of the term "suicide-contagion?" If not, you're not alone.

Most people haven't heard of the term suicide-contagion because it isn't a concept we talk enough about. It is about time that we begin, as a society, to discuss the impact of suicide-contagion on pockets of our society such as school districts, neighborhoods, rural areas, jails or prisons, and within families. It is more common than we realize.

This article will...
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Coping Strategies

When Trauma was King: 3 Ways to Miss It

When I'm treating patients for depression and anxiety I of course take a thorough history. What is often missed is long-ago trauma that has been repressed and buried. This often re-surfaces in the middle phases of therapy when trust is well-established. No news here. But the news is that trauma lives in the body (The Body Keeps the Score) so when we go back to revisit it, the therapist must go real slow...
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The Winner for Most Annoying Person in the World

Your spouse. Lifelong mates are the most annoying people in life, according to research.

But don't despair. If your spouse annoys you, that could be a good sign for your relationship, according to researchers.

Only on Earth. Only among humans, right? Mutual annoyance in marriage = a good thing. Can it be true?

It does make sense that if you spend a lot of time with someone, they have more potential to bug you. We spend more...
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Bipolar Laid Bare

When It’s Time to Consider Hospitalization

Some people don’t like to say they suffer from bipolar disorder. Some see it as a gift. It’s linked to higher creativity and intelligence. Manic highs produce feelings of elation and people can accomplish a lot during hypomanic phases. However, most people would consider bipolar disorder a burden. It can come with agitation, irritability, anxiety, severe depression and dangerous manic behavior. Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness. It requires close monitoring and treatment....
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The holiday season brings a certain meaning that is followed by a certain heaviness. For this writer, after four years, I am expecting it. Last year I fooled myself by thinking I turned the corner. Our children and grandchild were going to visit, and I was determined to put up the trains under the largest tree ever. I even put lights outside and our homemade manger scene. It reminded me of the girl in “Ordinary People”...
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Part 2: Why Aren’t the Other Kids Playing with My Son? Guest Post by Amy Andrada

[Bella’s intro: This is the second of a 2-part guest post by Amy Andrada. The first part is here. As you may recall, Amy, a single parent, is trying to figure out why the other kids don’t play with her son and why the other parents are not so friendly to her. A coworker thinks it is because she is the only single parent, and suggests that she fake being married by wearing a wedding ring, then see what happens.]

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We Are So Different Part 1

Linda: When Charlie and I met 50 years ago, it was inconceivable to either of us, that this relationship could go anywhere. He was an introvert, a real loner. I was an extrovert who loved to make contact with people. He was the quiet...
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