Tattoo Journey

I’m calling this post Tattoo Journey, with apologies to the Lummi Tribe, whose Canoe Journey is big news in my neck of the woods these days.

Most of you know how I came to be a person with an invisible disability.


The Time Warp Corollary to Spoon Theory

Photo Source:  IMDb

As I prepare to go on a 3-day bike trip, with a to-do list that wouldn’t faze the average person, it occurs to me there’s another universal truth that all of us with invisible disabilities face—the clock doesn’t work the same for us.


Fighting Insurance for Care

As if living with an invisible disability weren’t exhausting enough, many of us have to fight our insurance companies to get the treatment we need. Because hardly anyone can afford treatments at today’s prices,


The Long Day: How We Cope

I wanted to title this “The Long-Ass Day,” but thought Psych Central’s editors might not appreciate that. And it’s not as if it would be a likely search term. I happen to be facing an unusually challenging day tomorrow and thought this is probably a thing for a lot of us—going into a day that will require many more “spoons” than we are usually issued in the morning.


The Diagnostic Treadmill

What’s trending this week? Stories from my friends with rare, mysterious, and/or autoimmune conditions and their frustrating journeys to diagnosis. Most notably, my friend, artist Heather Thompson, has had a big shakeup with a new doctor completely revising her treatment strategy.