ADHD And The Finish Line

Sometimes we forget to finish things. And other times we forget to stop when things are finished.

I can’t think of a single time when I was working on something and got to the end and then said,


Disorder Or Disability

ADHD is a disorder. It says so in the name. Attention Deficit Hyperactive DISORDER.

But is it a disability?

Disability: A physical or mental condition that significantly limits a person’s motor,


Waiting In Line

People with ADHD are renowned for not appreciating waiting in line.

In fact, in some cases that’s an understatement. It’s like saying Kilimanjaro is a big hill.

Some of us will actually turn the other way and walk away rather than wait in a line up,



I am a 61 year old man with a heart condition, and arthritis.

I am a former printing plant worker. I’ve worked on farms. I’ve worked construction. I’ve worked as a computer programmer.


Things To Do With Someone With ADHD

If you’re contemplating a relationship with a person with ADHD, you might be worried about them being bored.

Why? Well, because if they are bored, that means they might wander off in distracted fashion as we are wont to do.


Give Me ADHD Shelter

Yesterday we talked about ADHD weather, the way things seem to storm and rage in our lives and often every possible aspect of every storm seems to come all at once,


Changing ADHD Weather

I’ve occasionally heard people refer to their ADHD as a storm of symptoms.

Things get wild, unpredictable, winds change direction and speed. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours.


Not Cure, But Treatment

On Wednesday we talked about a cure for ADHD. There is none. You’d think that would have been a short post, wouldn’t you?

But we also discussed the possibility that if your child is diagnosed with ADHD before they are fully developed,


There Are Days

There are days when we struggle.

There are days when we win, maybe they are fewer, hard to say from inside the middle of a day.

I suspect that every day has some win and some struggle in it.


What’s The Plan?

I’ve done me some contracting in my life. I’m not a licensed contractor, but I am skilled labor and I am a good contractor’s assistant.

And I’ve worked on some jobs,


Are We Safe At Home?

You’ve maybe heard the meme text, “You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home.”

I thought it was quite clever, made sense in these isolating times, was worth a “like”


We Need To Reassess

I was writing my other blog this morning (I write it first because it comes easy to me and so it is the perfect warm up for a writer), and something occurred to me.


Isolation Issues

I’m glad I never started counting how many days we’ve been in isolation.

We had a kind of soft start here, construction was considered essential work and our renovation was in full swing when the isolation measures were first announced.


My Inner Introvert

I am aware that ADHD is a dichotomous disorder.

We’ve discussed this before, inattentive and yet able to hyper-focus, passionate and yet able to forget about the people and things we are passionate about when distracted,


I Need A Break!

I woke up today feeling … a bit off.

I mean, nothing I could put my finger on, just … like things weren’t really the way they should be.