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ADHD Symptoms

Check Out these Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Before You Give Up Searching for Solutions to Chronic Stress

Chronic stress might be the disease of our time. Some would argue that it is the single most damaging factor in modern life, contributing more to physical, mental and emotional dysfunction than any other phenomenon.

From lowered immunity, increased weight gain and elevated blood pressure, to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative conditions, depression and mental illness, chronic stress and the resulting elevation in cortisol levels lower our life expectancy, reduce...
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Coaching and Therapy

Narcissist Confession: I Feel Helpless

An email confession from a self-identified narcissist:
(reprinted with permission)

I identified with your thoughts on helplessness.

I feel helpless when someone tells me what to do. I also feel helpless when anyone contradicts me.

I need to learn how to cooperate with others. If I learn how to cooperate with others, I can overcome my passive-aggressive narcissism and stop acting like a big baby - maybe?

I wonder if there are other helpless narcissists who know they...
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