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Writers Mindset – How Old Is Too Old For Hollywood

George R. R, Martin is 67 years old. He's the originator of the Emmy winning Best Drama, Game of Thrones. He seems to be doing quite well in television at his advanced age. It does happen. Of course he was a successful novelist first. And that makes all he difference.

However, that is most certainly not the case with most writers over 67, or 57.

The unfortunate truth is there is ageism in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean...
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When To Quit Your Day Job

In deciding whether or not to quit your day job, you’ll have to consider all of your expenses. You’ll have to pay rent and in LA that can be $2,000 a month easily. You might want to get a roommate to help with the payments. Then there’s the car, food, clothes, gas, and the rest of it.

A big budget item these days is healthcare.  If you start selling scripts to  Writers Guild of America’s (WGA’s) signatory...
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The Best Day Jobs For Hollywood Writers

A problem facing almost all aspiring TV and film writers or filmmakers is how to pay the rent while they’re writing speculative TV pilots or features.

The traditional entry level day jobs, working as a barista, an Uber driver, a waiter, cocktail waitress or bartender (combined with writing) can be physically and emotionally exhausting. When these writers finally have time to knock off a few pages, they’re hardly...
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8 Ways To Get Your Script Read

You’ve finished polishing your screenplay. You’ve done your best to incorporate feedback from various sources. If you have an agent or a manager, you want to get their feedback, too. You’ll want to strategize with them about where your script should be sent.

Most unproduced writers, however, don’t have an agent or a manager. How do they get their script to the right people?

In many of these cases, it's all about finding contact information for actors,...
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