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ADHD Symptoms

How a Simple Mindset Shift Can Make or Break Your Daily Mood

Can a simple, unconscious mindset shift ruin your day-to-day life?

A client of mine recently complained that his business was a drag. He no longer enjoyed working his vending machine route, and was planning to launch a Feng Shui consulting business.

His new venture was still young, so he had to rely on the vending machines for income for at least another couple of years.

"It's such a drag, running around the valley, filling up vending machines...
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ADHD Symptoms

Must We Obey Addictive Urges and Impulses?

Addictive urges and impulses are those moments when you feel an "irresistible" desire, craving or impulse to do something.

That something might be: drink, smoke, gamble, watch porn, binge, yell at someone, bite your nails, or just about anything you feel compelled to do.

Must we obey addictive impulses and ultimately regret our actions?

The answer is either yes or no, right?

If the answer were an unequivocal yes - we have no choice but to obey - then...
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And Here’s Why Living a Mediocre Life is Just Fine Too

I took some heat for an article called 5 Signs you at Risk for Living a Mediocre Life. Understandably, there are many people who don’t buy into the idea of continually striving to live an extraordinary life.

Is everyone supposed to strive to be a DaVinci? That’s absurd. And impossible. If everyone were DaVinci, no one would be DaVinci. I am not a DaVinci, either.

Of course, these terms, mediocre life and extraordinary life are 100%...
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