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How Older Screenwriters Break In to Hollywood

What are some ways older writers can find help trying to break in? If you’re older and can write a really great spec script for a TV show that’s on the air, and a really great TV pilot, there are workshops that might help you, regardless of your age.

For example, there is the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, the CBS Diversity Institute (which has a Diversity Mentoring Program for older writers. There’s a Disney/ABC Writing Program, a...
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Writers Mindset – How Old Is Too Old For Hollywood

George R. R, Martin is 67 years old. He's the originator of the Emmy winning Best Drama, Game of Thrones. He seems to be doing quite well in television at his advanced age. It does happen. Of course he was a successful novelist first. And that makes all he difference.

However, that is most certainly not the case with most writers over 67, or 57.

The unfortunate truth is there is ageism in Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean...
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