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The Perils of the Pretty Child

Often when we think of beautiful children we think of the advantages they must have over less attractive children. They get the attention of their families and extended families, as well as of teachers and others in their lives. They are often the first to be picked for a team or a play or a project. And from an early age they attract the attention of boys and girls.

But there is dark...
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ADHD Symptoms

Cinema and Psychoanalysis Guest Post: A Psychological Analysis of “Guardians of the Galaxy” Part I

Psychoanalysis has a long history of using fictional and non-fictional characters from the movies to illustrate theoretical psychoanalytic concepts and put them into practice. In order to protect the confidentiality of our patients in the clinic, we often turn to the creative fields of film making, novels and sometimes even mythology, to shed some light over what may appear like mystical and hard-to-grasp psychoanalytic jargon. This is exactly what my Bulgarian colleague and psychologist, Mihail Mihaylov,...
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