Poverty and Bipolar Disorder

We know there is a strong genetic component to bipolar disorder.  The role played by one’s environment is less clear.

A study out of Canada that followed 4,000 families for 30 years sheds insight into how socio-economic factors influence the development of serious mental illness.


Knowledge, Action and ADHD

They say that knowledge is power, and they’re probably right. The more knowledge you have about a situation, the better you understand that situation and the more likely you are to take appropriate actions.


Today I love Helping People

Today I love helping people, even if it is just by making them laugh when I can. I love that in my other blog I occasionally get to offer advice to commenters who are often seeking the comfort of understanding.


What’s The Plan?

I’ve done me some contracting in my life. I’m not a licensed contractor, but I am skilled labor and I am a good contractor’s assistant.

And I’ve worked on some jobs,


Are We Safe At Home?

You’ve maybe heard the meme text, “You’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home.”

I thought it was quite clever, made sense in these isolating times, was worth a “like”


Today I Love The Finches

cedar treesToday I love the finches frolicking and flitting freely through the cedars at the cottage when we checked on it, Spring has sprung there. I love that the Yellow Shafted Flickers were also present,