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Archives for December, 2017

Mental Health

Mental Illness In My Writing

To say that mental illness does not profoundly affect my life would be a lie. I have been hospitalized nine times, which comes down to over a year locked up in psychiatric facilities. Every night when I take my medicine I am reminded that...
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The Psychology of Lying, the Art of Accusation: Part One

Deception is something we perceive as the resolute to bend another's idea of what is real and what is not (Bhattacharjee, 2017). Twisting the truth is an fair means that can be utilized for the positive or negative, to educate or sway (Bhattacharjee, 2017).”

According to University of Toronto psychologist Kang Lee, acquiring the understanding on how to lie is an organic stage that takes place during child maturation (Bhattacharjee, 2017). Dr. Lee has spent his time...
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How to Create a Custom Happiness Short List

I don’t need to tell you that people find happiness in different ways. What thrills and delights one person might make others cringe.

• Riding a roller coaster
• Fishing
• Taking a warm bath
• Sorting through a stamp collection
• Meditating

From wild base jumpers to quiet coin collectors, everyone has their individual short list of things that make them happy. Do you have your list?

Inspired by a post at Delivering Happiness, I decided to break...
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Tech Wins For Xmas

They're right there ...

It's this easy. I walk in the door, and I hang my keys on the key rack. Every time. Without fail.

.... until the day that I don't. That doesn't mean that I won't hang them up the next day, or even later today, it just means that this time, I didn't.

And it's highly likely that I didn't because I was in a hurry and had something else...
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Difficult Feelings

Humble Gifts: On Knowing We’re Enough

I had a conversation with a mother in my practice this week that brought up something important. As usual, I tried to find a fairy tale that captured the essence of what this mother was struggling with. The right tale did come to mind – it’s a 12th century French legend – and it just so happens to have an association with Christmas, so consider this my holiday offering!

The mother I was speaking with is going...
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Are You A Help Rejecting Complainer?

J. "I feel so depressed."

M. "I'm sorry, how about coming out shopping with me?"

J. "What?? And spend money? You know how little money I have right now."

M. "Oh, sorry. Okay, why not take a walk and get some fresh air--that always clears my head."

J. "Walking never helps."

M. "I know, I saw a really inspiring article online the other day. Let me find it for you--it really picked up my spirits."

J. "Reading doesn't change anything."

M. "Maybe...
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Sometimes I Worry That I Don’t Have Enough Friends

While I couldn't say for sure, if I had to guess, I would say this little toad isn't worried at all about making friends. S/he is already quite busy just being a toad, hunting delicacies and staying safe from large ferocious predators (such as me).

This year's holidays have been quite different than those of years past.

In large part, this shift has come about thanks to Hurricane Harvey, a storm which ravaged my birth...
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Today I Love Technology

Not a serious, stainless steel, thermal, spill proof travel coffee mug

Today I love technology and the almost creepy way that it is advancing at the same rate as my desires for it. Seriously, technology, stop reading my mind ... but, you know, don't actually stop reading my mind, I like some of this new stuff that's available. I love that I'm looking to downgrade my computer system for a...
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Bipolar Laid Bare

When Recovery Still Feels Like Depression

I’ve been in the midst of a depressive episode for months now. It’s been a harrowing journey that doesn’t seem like it will be ending anytime soon. It has interrupted my life in serious, somewhat indescribable ways. It has affected my work, my relationships, my activities and my personal life. There is no part of my life depression has not touched. I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist and my therapist and additionally have been attempting...
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Change Comes in Mysterious Forms

“Jung introduced the idea of synchronicity to strip off the fantasy, magic, and superstition which surround and are provoked by unpredictable, startling, and impressive events that, like these, appear to be connected.” ― Jung, Synchronicity

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have been seeing a woman...
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Dark Matters

"When evil manifests it  is a 'Dark Matter'" FeatherLeaf

"In the imagination of the mind dwells our hopes and our 'Dark Matters'" FeatherLeaf

'Dark Matters' is one of my latest science fiction book. This book has three novellas which dwell in the deep shadows. Which brings...
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I don't want to have children. Maybe that is weird to you out there, dear reader, with your family of four. I will always be a family of one, well, with a dog or two of course.

Why you ask? Because I cannot take care...
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Mental Health

Polishing The Fragments

"When God shatters your life what is there left to do? Polishing the Fragments"

When I began writing this blog over a month ago I picked the name 'Polishing The Fragments". I was excited to have a forum for my agenda and I definitely do...
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