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Archives for July, 2017


3 Ways To Help Someone With Depression

Do you know a loved one with depression?  Are you looking to provide this person with love and support?  Continue reading this article to find out strategies to provide this person with love and support.

Be On Their Side

According to Psych Central's article on how to support someone with depression, the first tip to help someone with depression is to be on their side.  Never say to a depressed person, "Why can't you just get out of bed?"  Instead, say "You...
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Adoption and Trying To Find Yourself

My adoption had never been a secret, but neither was it a spoken truth.

I hid in plain sight as an adoptee, but my family blurred the view with their own projections. We simply didn't talk about it, mostly because to do so made them unravel; adoption being their Achilles heel: the one bruising weakness no amount of pretence could fix.
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Asperger Syndrome

Being Asperger’s And Transgender

The increased incidence of individuals who are both transgender and on the autistic spectrum as compared to the expected number of those identifying as transgender in the  general population is demonstrated by research. Understanding this is a more complex matter, and one...
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Adoptees And Identity.

 As adoptees we face many struggles, but one obvious problem emerges around identity and our own understanding of self. Who are we if all markers to explain who we are have been removed? What if the people we are raised by don't look like us: don't have our mannerisms, don't share our personalities or traits, are not interested in our hobbies and interests? The complexity of the adoptee experience is already challenging but when...
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Does Therapist-Patient Confidentiality and Privilege Extend to 12-Step Programs?

Twelve-step self-help groups have long preached the concepts of anonymity and confidentiality. In fact, most such groups, regardless of the addiction or issue being treated, end their meetings with the following (or a very similar) statement: “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program. If we are to recover, we must feel free to say what is in our minds and hearts. Therefore, who you see here, what you hear here, when you leave...
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