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Archives for June, 2017


Does Pornography Loosen the Ties That Bind?

Over the years, numerous studies have examined the link between porn use and heterosexual marital happiness, with most of this research revealing a negative association. In general, these studies tell us that if one partner is looking at porn, marital satisfaction (happiness within the relationship, sexual gratification within the relationship, contentment with marital decision making, etc.) tends to be lower than with a non-porn-using relationship control group. That said, not every study has produced the same...
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Self Worth

How Do I Know I’m Worthy?

We seem to have an epidemic of feeling inadequate and unworthy. And as a result, we're constantly trying to prove our worth. I invited my colleague John Harrison, LPCC to write this post to help us understand why we question our worth and how to reclaim it.

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Loss & Adoption

'Nan went missing on a Tuesday in 1985. I didn't know she was lost until an uncle called my mother to report the event. The phone was in the hall on a white shelf. Each time the phone rang, mother would come running out of the kitchen looking very important, a stripy tea towel flapping in the air. I think someone telephoning her made her feel wanted, needed, indispensable, kept...
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Adult Children of Alcoholics

3 Reasons Codependents Struggle with Self-Care

Self-care is treating yourself with love and compassion. It’s the act of doing something that increases your health and well being. Self-care restores your energy and “fills you up” emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually. Self-care helps prevent burnout and is an essential part of living a healthy, happy life.

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