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Archives for October, 2016

Child Anxiety

When Your Parenting Style Wears You Out

Your four-year-old demands a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. You sense a forthcoming meltdown and quickly evaluate your parenting-style options:

(1) Permissive: Say “yes” (then prepare to serve cookies for lunch and cake for dinner).

(2) Authoritative: Say “no” directly and firmly (then prepare to stand your ground as there will likely be a protest).

(3) Exhausted: Scream “never” (because it’s only 7:15 and you’re already exhausted).

(4) Denial: Pretend none of it is happening and...
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How to Become More Resilient

Why are some people more resilient than others?
We all experience tough times during our lives. Some people seem to bounce back from adversity while others struggle, fall into depression, or permanently see themselves as victims.

Resilient people are able to recover from setbacks more quickly and thoroughly than less-resilient people.

The American Psychological Association identifies these factors in resilient people:

Have a support system that provides love, trust, and encouragement
The capacity...
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Stages of Addiction Treatment: Moving From Clinical Care to Self-Care

For psychotherapists who specialize in addiction, the ultimate goal is to move clients from clinical care to self-care, a process that means “working on my recovery” eventually becomes “working on enjoying my life.” This is true regardless of the addiction, be it substance abuse, compulsive gambling, spending addiction, video game addiction, or sex, porn, and love addiction. The hope is that over time an addict will blossom into...
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