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Archives for June, 2016

Child Anxiety

11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child

There are several myths about kids who are introverts:

They are nervous
They don’t like other people
They don’t want to be social
They are basically shy people

If you're an introvert, you are not anti-social, you just react to your environment differently than some kids. You are certainly not shy; in reality, there is a notable difference between introversion and shyness. Shyness manifests when you’re scared of being judged negatively. An introvert is...
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Adult Children of Alcoholics

You Don’t Outgrow the Effects of an Alcoholic Parent

Alcoholism has a lasting impact on children.
Most of the adult children of alcoholics who I know underestimate the effects of being raised in an alcoholic family. Perhaps it's wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s denial. More likely it’s shame and simply not knowing that adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs), as a group, tend to struggle with a particular set of issues.

If you’re an adult child of...
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Child Anxiety

When Your Anxious Child Rejects Your Help, Try This

The worry begins as a trickle in your son's (or daughter's) mind. It develops momentum and drops into his body causing his palms to sweat, heart to race, and tummy to ache. Finally, your child’s worry erupts:

“Mommy, what if I have a new teacher in school?”

“Daddy, what if I can’t find someone to play with?”

The words hit you. You, too, begin to worry both vicariously for him and about your ability to quell the worry. No...
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Anger Management

11 Superpowers of a Strong-Willed Child

You’re seven years old and you’re busy building the greatest fort that has ever been constructed in the history of the universe! Your mom comes over and asks you to put your shoes on because it’s time to pick up your sister from dance class. Naturally, you say, "I don't want to go right now."

Ignoring your genius innovation, your mom responds, “There is no one to stay with you here and we can’t...
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When Trauma Turns Into Euthanasia

Recently my friend and colleague Jenni Schaefer sent me a link to her story of recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, aka PTSD.

Jenni and I have known each other for yet until I read her post, I didn't know she had been a victim of rape. I also didn't know she had struggled for many years with PTSD as a result of the rape.

To hear Jenni tell it, for a...
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Emotional Intelligence

A Better Way to Teach Kids About Emotions

How many emotions can you name? According to researcher, Brené Brown, the average adult can only name three emotions: happiness, sadness, and anger. A recent study indicates there are actually only four basic emotions to begin with: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. From this vantage, we're getting it 75% right!

However, in my experience of teaching emotional intelligence skills to children, it's clear that the ability to distinguish nuanced emotions is a powerful tool in boosting resilience. For example, when children are aware they are jealous as opposed to just sad, the ability to process the emotion and make choices...
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