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Archives for April, 2015

Child Anxiety

4 Steps to Help Your Child Defeat Procrastination (Illustrated)

“I'll clean my room tomorrow!”

“It's not due until next week!”

“I'll do my chores later!”

They insist. They persuade. They don’t act.

Watching your kids go through the self-destructive process of procrastination can be extremely painful. Your options are to either do nothing, watching the whole, all-to-familiar scenario unfold, help out, by doing some or all of the work for them, or play the “parent card” and make them do it, causing stress and bad feelings.

But none of these...
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Why I’m Afraid to Die

While I'm typing about my fear of death, my little tortoise, Malti, is blissfully soaking up the sun and exploring the big wide world of lawn, leaves, and delicious (gulp) dead

Yup. I said it.

I said the thing I said I...
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What Makes a Relationship Toxic

You might be wondering: Am I in a toxic relationship? To be honest, the fact that you're even asking the question (or reading this post) strongly suggests that you are. Deep down, we all know what's good for us, what makes us stronger, and what does the opposite.

This post is about eliminating uncertainty, and confronting denial. Toxic relationships weaken us. Read on to see if your relationship fits the profile.
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