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Archives for November, 2014

Child Anxiety

3 Ways to Respond to Your Anxious Child’s What-If Questions

"What if I don't get asked to the dance?"

"What if you run out of gas and can't pick me up from school?"

"What if we get robbed?"

"What [insert your child's anxious thought here]?"

If your child's anxious, it's likely they do something I like to call what-iffing. This is the tendency to ponder possible future scenarios and then worry about them excessively in the form of 'what if' questions. As a parent, you also worry...
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Make Gratitude Fun for Kids

What can simple gratitude exercises do for us? The research correlates gratitude with a lot of amazing things:

Greater optimism
Less materialism
Increased self-esteem
Better sleep
Boosted energy
More exercise
Greater resilience
Less aches and pains
More willingness to help others
Deeper relationships
More friendships
Boosted goal achievement
Better decision making
Increased productivity

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Child Anxiety

3 Magic Words to Connect with Your Tween

Does your tween suffer from abandonment issues?

If you are a nurturing parent, you are probably balking at this question. Most of us associate abandonment with physical conditions, such as inadequate nourishment, inadequate clothing, physical abuse or literally leaving our child without care. If you provide for the well-being of your kids, how could they possibly feel "abandoned"?

While we're busy providing children with the necessities, it's sometimes easy to overlook cultivating the emotional environment...
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Child Anxiety

9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try

As all the kids line up to go to school, your son, Timmy, turns to you and says, "I don't want to take the bus. My stomach hurts. Please don't make me go." You cringe and think, Here we go again. What should be a simple morning routine explodes into a daunting challenge.

You look at Timmy and see genuine terror. You want to comfort him. You want to ease the excessive worry that's...
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Child Anxiety

How I Found My Grit (And Now Pass It On To Others)

Growing up, I wanted to be just like my older brother. He was a whiz in school, a tennis prodigy, and had oodles of friends. As I saw it, my brother was great at everything. Although I loved him dearly, I grew tired of living in the shadow of his eminence. So at the ripe age of 7, I made a decision. I too was going to achieve greatness. The plan was simple:...
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What May Be the Best Advice Any President Ever Gave America

Like many of us of a certain age, I remember President John F. Kennedy’s famous words that he spoke in his 1961 inaugural address:  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Over the years, I’ve found that this advice doesn’t just apply to one’s country but has applicability to many areas of life, and in particular, that of relationships. Yet while most of us would probably...
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Child Anxiety

Forget Positive Thinking – Try This to Curb Teen Anxiety

"I didn’t get invited to Julie's I'm such a loser."

"I missed the nothing ever goes my way."

"My science teacher wants to see I must be in trouble." These are the thoughts of a high school student named James. You wouldn't know it from his thoughts, but James is actually pretty popular and gets decent grades. Unfortunately, in the face of adversity, James makes a common error; he falls into what I...
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