Picking Myself Apart (Pt. 1)

A warning before you read: My post this and next week have to do with self-injury. I understand if you’d rather hit the back arrow and Google some puppies instead, as this is pretty difficult subject matter. To make it worse, I’ve also included...


In Pain in Spain

I know in my last post I said I wouldn’t be writing about Spain much, but as I pull out my composition book in this dirt park behind my Air Bnb that is littered with trash and dog shit, it feels absurd to write...


More Than Just Getting By

Over the last year and a half, I've been toying around with a desire that many young people have: to move abroad and teach in another country. About six months ago, I stopped dreaming about it. I decided I wouldn't be one of those...



ADHD is a topic I've been writing about a lot lately. I tend to write about things more passionately the more anguish they cause me, and this is one disorder that has caused me a HELL of a lot of anguish my entire life.



Welcome to the Black Hole

After I was told I could start my own blog on Psych Central, I was informed I would need to come up with a theme for the blog, some post topics, and create the most daunting thing of all--a title. It's what your eyes...