Bipolar Medication Spotlight: Lithium

People are often frightened when the doctor raises the possibility of lithium treatment – it conjures up all kinds of images from the media and Hollywood of dark, dangerous institutions and wild kinds of symptoms. Patients often look surprised when I mention it – saying, “but isn’t that for only really crazy people?” It is unfortunate that lithium has gotten such a bad rap, because it is one of our best tested, longest used (since the 1960s), and most effective interventions for bipolar disorder. Here’s a list of its many benefits:

New Series: Bipolar Medication Spotlight

Medications play a key role in the treatment of various symptoms related to bipolar disorder for many people who have it. So, we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on some of the most common “bipolar medications.” Every other week or so, beginning today, we’ll focus on one medication, beginning with lithium.

Tip for Loved Ones

I recently accompanied my wife to an appointment with her therapist, Lucy. It was Cecie's first therapy appointment since being released from the hospital as the result of a serious manic episode.

What's So Funny About Bipolar Disorder?

When we wrote Bipolar Disorder For Dummies, we took some heat for the "irreverent humor" that is characteristic of the For Dummies® series. Some people felt that we went too far. They thought our irreverence crossed the border into the land of insensitivity. Two of our editors told us to soften it up. (In a few cases, we followed their advice.) A couple reviewers gave the book positive reviews and then qualified them by saying that our prose was likely to offend sensitive readers.

Welcome to the Bipolar Beat

John M. Grohol, Psy.D., CEO & Publisher of, generously offered us our own space on Psych Central to blog about topics of interest to those in the bipolar community – people with bipolar disorder and their loved ones, physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and anyone else who’s interested in learning more about bipolar disorder. Although we’ve been hosting our own