41 thoughts on “Does Bipolar Disorder Make Me Psychic?

  • April 6, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    I tend to agree that rather than being psychic we are able “read” people better than most. But I want to add that I think part of it is not only emotional sensitivity but the ability to compile a large amount of stimulus that is often ignored in the non-manic mind combined with the ability to synthesize this stimulus into an overall “feel” for people. I think that the key is education. I have studied body language and psychology for a long time which has given me the extra ability to appropriately categorize the data into useful information. The problem comes with lack of education that allows the person to over synthesize the stimulus often times resulting in paranoid delusions.

  • April 6, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I believe I’ve always had a sharp ability to read others, whether or not I’m in an episode. When I’m depressed, my reading goes haywire, & I see all sorts of signals that aren’t there: She hates me, he’s laughing inside about what I’m wearing, etc. When I’m hypomanic I can read others like a book & have the empathy to respond quickly to the stimuli I’m reading. But when I’m manic I’m too crazy to read anything; & these episodes have only happened during rapid cycling, so I haven’t had the time anyway.

    But I do think my bipolar has generally given me an ability to read others’ emotions and respond to them with a good deal of empathy.

  • April 7, 2010 at 10:29 am

    I am not sure I would say ‘psychic’; but from even a young age I ‘knew’ things about people that I ‘should/couldn’t’ have. I told my sisters that my grandfather wouldn’t come home from the hospital when he had his last heart attack- even though the doctors were telling my mother he would be home in a week. I do read others well- I tried to warn a teacher in middle school that one of my classmates was in danger- he killed himself two weeks later. In recent years when I tried to express my more than normal insight about things I was locked up as having a psychotic break- I have learned not to share certain things with the medical proffesion and just do what I can for people when I sense an area of need.

    I positive that comes out of this insight is that I can do for others that which they don’t know they want- such as designing a wedding dress or decorating/ organizing a party- I ‘sense’ what feeling they are after and can use my talents of design to pull it off. Where is comes from doesn’t matter to me- I put it to good use and just chalk it up to a ‘feeling’- others can accept that!

    • September 21, 2019 at 11:08 pm

      I do think being bi polar do think that having a mental illness makes you more sensitive. So you are right. You are more receptive. If you want to be then yes you are. I’m bi polar 1 and I’ve developed Psychic abilities because I enjoy it. I am a healer. I asked for my spirit guide to come forward and she did its whether your purpose is that. X

  • April 8, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    when i’m in a severe depressive state i have zero empathy/intuition when in my usual dysthymic state i’d say i am extremely sensitive to others and have been called a mind reader,when i read the book highly sensitive person i ticked most of the boxes is it not a little arrogant to say you are delusional if you you claim to read minds? the ‘ologies’ dont have all the answers


  • May 2, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    I agree with Carter. In my normal, in between state I tend to be more sensitive to my surroundings & catch others doing things that clue me in to how they’re feeling. I’m very perceptive. But during bad times I believe that I tend to trick myself into seeing things more negatively than they really are.

  • May 29, 2010 at 9:13 am

    I am a 44 year old woman who has bipolar, I work a full time job, and when I take my meds. properly, sleep, exercise, and eat well I am a fully functional mother, wife, teacher and daughter, yet I do have an opinionated personality and even when on my medications tend to emote at a broader range than the average or “normal” person. For me to dull my senses completely, makes me non-functional, and that is no good for anyone…most especially me. I guess that goes with the territory.
    Most recently I have entered the summer vacation time of year and I am having difficulties stemming from the fact that my husband and I are living in a house which we are buying off of my mother (my father died in 2003). Since she was no longer able to care for the larger house, yard etc…it seemed like a logical step at the time. The problem is that she feels free to come here whenever she wants to…since it is “technically” still her house…since the loan arrangement is with her as our “bank”.
    As I’ve said it all seemed innocent and logical enough at the time, but when I need my space, I NEED TO BE ABLE TO FEEL THAT MY OWN HOUSE IS IT and if I need to be alone (with my family) I think that I should be “in charge” of that. However, my husband seems to see it differently. He doesn’t have a problem with my mother showing up at all hours, (even if we are entertaining other guests, or trying to have “alone” time). I have actually been told by my husband that I am the problem, and that I need to just chill out, and that my mother is not the problem. I do try to treat her with respect and defference for her age (she is a fairly healthy 81) when she is around, and wait on her hand and foot, though she will tell him that I have not offered to feed her, say lunch, for example (when he comes in the room from working in his home office) and just little jabs, just to get my goat. She lies about little things that she knows will upset me. My husband will just say I am over-reacting, that she doesn’t mean anything by it. “What’s the big deal?” My father was an alcoholic, and there have been many times in my life that I have wondered if she didn’t pull the same kind of mind games with him to “drive him to drink”. I truly believe that she lives to torment other people…and that when she sees that she can get under someone’s skin, she will keep needling until she sees serious damage. I have been hospitalized 3 previous times, and she has played a part in the stressors of these previous hospitalizations with her lies and mind-games. I can’t fathom a mother who would derive satisfaction in torturing a daughter thusly, even to the point of seeing her placed in a mental institution (I am crying now at the thought of it)…and I just want the support and love that I feel that I deserve from my husband. I don’t understand why I should be subjected to her devious (really could be called evil) intentions…even if she does it on some sort of subconscious, sick-psychological level…I am trying very hard to stay healthy. I just don’t want to be driven from my own home.
    Any suggestions.
    Or is there no answer except to just say…farewell, and good-riddance.

  • July 8, 2010 at 8:31 am

    I recently accepted the diagnosis of being bipolar, as much as I hated to, I had to, or face some even more possible wreckage to other’s or my life, due to the increasing nature my having to be on meds regularly, and being monitored by a doctor. Interestingly, having finally gotten sober from alcohol and klonipin recently through detox and rehab, I am finding that AA has helped me not only stay sober, but to deal with my bipolar condition. I recently read a statistic somewhere that 69% of alcoholics may be bipolar. This is signficant to me.

  • July 9, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    I will try to keep this short and sweet. I am bipolar. I am also psychic and a clairvoyant medium.

    No, I am not delusional. I am of perfectly sound mind while writing this. I am also not trying to prove anything or convince anyone.

    What I do know is that I had extra-sensory and clairvoyant abilities from a very young age. I did not become psychic because of the bipolar. I became bipolar because of my psychic ability. If I had more support and guidance and acceptance as a child and young adult, I would probably have never required treatment.

    There is a lot that medical science still does understand, or refuse to consider, when it comes to mental illness.

    We are all spiritual beings having a physical/human experience, not the other way around. For example, if Jesus lived and preached in our times, he would no doubt have been been locked up in some facility by now. Same applies to Buddha and Mohammed. Just a thought… 😉

    • September 21, 2012 at 4:14 pm

      I just wanted to support you. Like you I have had uncommon abilities since childhood. I will keep it simple. I tend to find lables cause problems. An example of what I can do is I experience other people medical conditions when I am near them. My psychiatrist has treated me for over 15 years. I was afraid to tell him. Today, he knows I am the real thing and actually has helped by treating me for how hard it was for me to deal with. Some are diagnosed and some are not. Breast Cancer is something I detect easily. I often know when people will pass to the day before they are ill. I feel and in my head see how people died. I find this is most common when I am near a person who wants to know how a person died. I privately tell them what a person looks like and, sometimes I will know medical condition names I have no knowledge of. I am aware that my grandma who was a nurse is connecting with me. I say I am the PVC pipe. I can be overwhelmed by it. Balance is hard for me. I feel my bipolar is more a symptom of my clarity than the other way around. Neither are a cake walk. I do what I can to open a door of understanding and support. Small children all seem to have my capacity. I am also in tune with nature. I have learned to understand messages from animals coming up to me. The strangest was a peacock. When he went up into the tree I told the people around not to stop watching; he would fade away. He did. I began to tell a neighbor about this and a opposume walked up to where I sat looked at me and sat down. I changed the subject and he left. My neighbor left too and thinks I am nuts. Trust what you experience. You are energy. No one is more special than any other. We just are having different experiences.

    • June 6, 2014 at 12:43 pm

      From reading some of the postings on what some may call psychic abilities may hold true. I don’t consider the realm of which I am able to see things before they happen in a physic sense. I am a bible believing woman who believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. I had a severe breakdown in 2009. In this manic state I did not even know what was going on with me at the time. But my belief in the gifts of the Holy Spirit I presumed things were being revealed to me. Well in that state I was see thing that did come to past years later and immediately. It was like snap shots. Before ever having that break down I would see things in my life and others that I knew and did not know. Keeping this in a Biblical perspective there were instances of clairvoyant, mediums, etc in the Old Testament.What amazes me in reading other post is some Bipolar people have some of the same experiences with what I will call gifting.The sensitivities to others emotions, sometimes we do over perceive things but we are not always wrong. Having these gifts so to speak does it also coincide with our beliefs of Holy Spirit beliefs or of Divination. The mind is very powerful as we can see. Bipolar people are the most creative, and also very miss understood and very commonly do not have a lot of support from family.

    • August 6, 2018 at 11:36 pm

      I like you have had psychic experiences since 6 years old. Diagnosed bipolar 1 at age 40. Did the lithium for 4 years, epival for 5 years. It killed my digestive track and ruin my bowels. It took 2 years to ween off the drugs. I have been off mood stabilizers for 13 years. Mood stabilizers don’t prevent episodes, but take a heavy toll on the physical body. Knowledge is power. Since 28 after extreme night terrors leading to a nervous breakdown I’ve read everything I could on controlling dreams, Astro travel, channeling, clairvoyant, demonic attacts, demonology, shamism beliefs, among many other books. There are of course more non believers because they’ve never had psychic or supernatural experiences. I don’t do any drugs, I maintain a strong belief in God and his dangerous enemy Satan. I know Demons love to ruin lives. My life is a balancing act of doing good deeds, doing my best to avoid sin at all cost so as to keep hate and evil out of my life, for this is what attracts bad entities within my life which leads to mania and psychosis. I wish science would catch up with religion and merge beliefs. If I were to tell people of my clairvoyant and supernatural experiences It’d be beyond their understanding so I’ve keep quiet. I had a very successful career and accomplished much in my 63 years.

  • July 15, 2010 at 10:15 am

    I would like to comment on Maria’s post about her mother coming over all the time.
    Maria…..your mother is bipolar. This disease runs in families. One common charastic of bipolar disorder is lack of boundaries. It is common for bipolars to intrude on family members and not respect normal boundaries. They do this to family members because they instinctually know that others will not allow this behavior. Her manipulation is also a common feature of bipolar.
    I am sure living with your mother is what drove your father to drink. Bipolars are exhausting and can never be pleased. It is a constant state of apeasement to be in the precence of a bipolar. They must be pleased at all times.
    I know you are bipolar also and I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but please look at your mothers behavior and be sure not to repeat the cycle.

  • August 29, 2010 at 6:35 am

    Maria, Your mom sounds like she may be developing some signs of dementia or other mental illness. Bi-polar being what it is, does cause many problems. But, often comes with a dual diagnosis. Is it possible that when she sais you have not offered her lunch, when you have, that she forgets in her short term memory that you have offered it?
    It sounds very much like you are “caretaking.” And may have been much of your life. You need caretaking resources and help beyond “bipolar” …in my opinion. I had a counselor tell me once that “bipolar” is caretaking also. And that shed new light on things for me. I hope you will take this in to account and begin to learn to set boundaries for yourself with a bipolar. She could have a side diagnosis of “borderline personality.” Borderline traits are common with bipolar as well. There is a yahoo group that is wonderful for exploring dealing with these traits and with a borderline parent. It’s WTOAdultChildren1.

  • September 9, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I don’t claim to be a specific type or label but I dream things and write them down, and they come true. Imeet someone once and warn someone. They do not listen and I get so bothered to the point of illness that I have to go to extra lengths if the person has never experienced a warning atleast once after the second time they will persuad other to listen just in case. I feel that it is a type of discernment from the Lord but that is actually a gift as well. I do things also when I am so moved by extreme compassion to plead with the Lord to put his hands in the place of mine as if removing my own and I truly believe he can and will and ask only that wherever my hands lay wish to have sickness or pain removed ( as I feel the pain so it is bothersome to me as well) and believe it atleast possible as ask that it be removed and with that “faith of a mustard seed not only am I witnessing but I do nothing in a wicked sense but spread good without a fearful scene. I cannot feel love except for other people. I can assure them when they are loved. However any evil anywhere close to me, even ill will towards anyone will reach me in any closed space with or without walls. ex. land perimeters. I am educated and I fought that this was not real until this year when I noticed my son could see and feel what I did. I am 38. what do you think. It has crippled my life. Angels and Demons are no delusions sir. Nor The Lord GOd or the DEvil. People wqithout strong faith may live sheltered here but how long that lasts for them well no comment. I prefer to go ahead and face fears. It’s hard enough here. I can never live up to what I am supposed to so I might as well try and face it all so when I fall to my knees in shame he will know my best wasn’t good enough but it was the best I could muster up.

    I truly struggle and I wonder if I will make it or not. I need my son but he needs me more because no one will ever understand him either. I’ve been there. I can teach him to be stronger than me so he doesn’t have to feel that he is bad and be ashamed of a gift to help people as long as that is how he uses it and only as God puts it in front of him.

    I know religion is going to spark some controversy with bi polar and depression etc but I wont be ashamed of God. That doesn’t make the problem. I explained my standards not what I can hold myself to of course. Im a screw up like everyone else but I wake up every day and plead with myself to let him lead b4 I make a mess of it.

  • September 16, 2010 at 8:57 am

    I had an episode in my early twenties where I began to experience a “sensitivity.”

    I began to think I could read people incredibly well, and felt confident in my “ability.”

    It was powerful to feel this psychic connection. I felt good, and felt powerful.

    It’s hard to describe what I was feeling but I felt this strange connection to a lot of things.

    Funny how my experiences culminated in a hospital stay, several months later. Some seriously freaky things happened, that really tripped me out, and other people as well.

    At one point I stopped sleeping for several days. I then just went into a spiral, and then what seemed like a mixed episode.

    I felt like I had to “chase” these powerful feelings, and yet I couldn’t keep up, and felt crushed.

    I went through several diagnosis, and mis-diagnosis. One doctor said it was all PTSD, when I did by all rights seem psychotic.

    Now a few doctors, though not all, say bipolar spectrum.

    I remember being diagnosed by one doctor as socially phobic. She was right I found public spaces and people next to unbearable. I for some reason wound up on Topiramate; I became manic then leveled off, but the doctor never thought I was bipolar.

    I decided I was well and that no doctor seems to know what is wrong with me anyway (at that point they seriously didn’t, and they didn’t think I was bipolar), so I figured I could get better without pills.

    As I went off my medication, this familiar and dangerously alluring psychic connection came back. I remember telling myself that I should never let go of my psychic abilities. And as good as I felt, a tiny part of me knew something was wrong; but it felt so good, and I felt like I could convince anyone.

  • September 26, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    I’ve always had an uncanny ability which I call my “gift”. My part Cherokee grandmother had it so I thought it from her and not part of my illness.

    Just to test myself, I keep a journal. I have “premonitions” rather regularly. It’s an odd feeling when one comes on…so I write it my journal, high-light the top of the page “Premonition” and then just keep writing and go on. More than 20 times, I have been able to link a premonition written in my journal to events that usually take place within a month. That’s as scientific as I need to be. I believe in my “gift”.

    I think mental illness, esp paranoia and misinterpreting emotions as the Dr. said really “mess” with my gift. If I did not have bipolar and intimacy issues and all that crap, I think my gift would be much stronger.

    It’s kind of like the level of intelligence seen in many of us with bipolar. I know it, I believe it, I’ve seen it. I thought I was dumb (thanks to abusive father comments) but when in psych hospitals years ago when they used to do MMPI tests, Rorschach tests and IQ tests, I scored above average intelligence on more than 4 different hospital visits. And I’ve seen it in some other bipolars. Not all, but enough to notice.

  • October 10, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    I believe it is.. I experience it from time to time and the psychic thing I believe it’s true, but not all time. Their is so much from this condition that isn’t yet understood so you can’t deny that it’s still possible. Everyone is just looking for the truth before publication. Psychic abilities is in all of us whether we are bipolar or not, but we have a higher sensitivity than most. Their isn’t no proof that it’s delusional when you can’t even proof that it is either. Yes,… delusional eposides do occur just got to differentiate between the both.. or again this these delusional states might be normal.. it a hard subject to lay down yet because it still not fully understood.

  • October 14, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Yes, I find that I am very in-tuned to people. But like someone else said when I’m in a depressive phase everything else is gone and doesn’t matter. But in day to day life I feel “deeper” and more emotional than the other people around me.

  • November 2, 2010 at 10:54 am

    before dia. bipolar, the racing information that I picked up before, was almost always right on. Intution, reading people, and knowning.. I called myself a see-er.. I can not bring up lottery numbers… I just need some good old help.. I really feel like it is time to open up and let more people understand that this is in each and every one of us, just open your minds eye.

  • December 21, 2010 at 11:40 am

    It is funny that most people feel the same way regarding Extra Sensory Power or shall I say Intuition but it is always written off as delusions the funny thing though is that we all feel the same things and we even don’t know each other I can always feel things strongly whether it’s good or bad I am so tired of people with so called normalcy always hating on us sometimes I wish I could just touch them all and let them see what it feels like to be born this way like always say in my metaphor we are the X-men and the so called normal folks are the humans and although we may have mania that causes us to think or feel unstoppable the truth is we will always be more superior to the normal folks with their one way , one dimensional and bland state of being and thinking !!!!

  • December 29, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    I’ve wrestled with invisible beings (demons). I heard and felt but couldn’t see them. I sometimes believe it and sometimes just consider it unknown or unknowable. Until one day, something pushed the chair I was sitting in so hard the lamp next to the chair almost fell over. The dog got up and left and my son witnessed it. Something did happen, I have witnesses.

    It’s not that I can read minds, but it seems sometimes other peoples’ emotions jump off onto me. I can leave them and then I feel drained, maybe suddenly and severely depressed. I am highly sensitive but I’m also logical. Most of the time I can’t analyze it because I just don’t know enough about it. It happens, I experience it but I don’t have an absolute answer for it.

    Once in a while I do become delusional. I know I’m delusional because I become big headed. Then I usually brag that I have psychic powers. Then people usually respond to me differently, like they might find another secretary to input their time card for them. When I’m back to normal, I may be just as sensitive but I have to ask myself, why did think so much of myself? I become real embarrassed about my bragging and talking about it. This has a tendency to ruin relationships.

    As a bipolar person, it’s all about balance. I can’t deny that I perceive things differently and feel more than most people. But sometimes, it gets way out of control.

  • May 3, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    My mother and I are both bi-polar (she is deceased). When my sister conceived, I knew it even though she was not trying to get pregnant and I lived in another state (and I mean I woke up out of a sound sleep and KNEW she was pregnant right THEN). My sister and one of my grown neices both were told and my sister confirmed it 3 weeks later. That’s not “being sensative” … I’ve done things like this my whole life and my mother did as well.

  • May 10, 2011 at 4:16 am

    There is emperical evidence for a relationship between creativity and madness.

    James Joyce had a daughter with schizophrenia and had many schizotypal traits. Albert Einstein had a son with schizophrenia and was also somewhat schizotypal and eccentric. Bertrand Russell had many family members with schizophrenia or psychosis: his aunt, uncle, son and grand-daughter. Psychotic individuals often display a capacity to see the world in a novel and original way, literally, to see things that others cannot.

    The reason why I mentioned this is that most psychic episodes are made possible with an enhanced state of mind called the alpha state, which is more often associated with artists and thinkers during their contemplative moments.

  • October 16, 2011 at 4:20 am

    Thank you very much for this page. Just reading the other comments on here makes me feel much better.

    There are a lot of people who believe that psychic ability is not real and is simply a delusion caused by bipolar disorder. I do not agree.

    I think there is a connection between psychic abilities and bipolar, but the link is a correlation not causation. By that I mean that the two often go hand in hand, but one doesn’t make the other happen.

    I believe that it is possible to have psychic abilities and the brain of a psychic person is simply physiologically wired in such a way to make an extremely sensitive and intuitive individual.

    This is very similar wiring to creative individuals, both types of person are very open to receiving inspiration and information from others and the world around them and acting as a channel for that message.

    The link between creativity and bipolar has already been demonstrated in science. Intuition is less well understood, but I believe it will eventually be understood by science.

    The shadow or the downside, if you will, of having this very sensitive brain wiring and wonderful intuitive or creative ability is that persons like this will also have very sensitive personalities and a delicate make-up in terms of their mental health.

    A very stressful life event which another person with more robust wiring might get through battered but generally okay, may cause a sensitively wired individual to develop bipolar or borderline or another disorder. The tipping point or threshold is less.

    I am basing this understanding on my own personal experience. I was born psychic and highly sensitive and been that way all my life. It is not an imagining or delusion. I also suffer from bipolar disorder, but like Anonymous Psychic who posted above, this only developed later in life in my mid-20’s following some very stressful life experiences.

    I don’t take medication for the bipolar. Instead I welcome the experience of bipolar. I recognise the symptoms when I become hypomanic or depressed and instead of trying to fight it or make it go away, I listen to what it is trying to tell me: to find my balance again.

    If I am experiencing symptoms, it means that I have exposed myself to too much stress or something unhealthy. So I look to what needs to change, change it, and then I am okay again. I wouldn’t be able to do that and listen to what my body and soul needs if I was trying to numb the bipolar on drugs.

    By being very careful to maintain my balance in life, not doing anything to extremes and everything in moderation: diet, exercise, relationships, I manage very well and in fact have a really healthy life.

    I also accept that a tendency to suffer from bipolar is just part of having an intuitive brain and what many consider a gift. Nothing in life is perfect and everything has it’s drawbacks. I see the tendency towards bipolar disorder as the natural shadow to the gift of being psychic.

    It has been my experience in life that nobody really has more than anybody else, it only seems that way. If you have one thing, there is always something else you don’t have. In many ways there is a kind of a random fairness to life.

    I wish everyone on here happiness, blessings and health.

  • December 18, 2011 at 3:39 am

    It seems that I am most intuitive when manic. I turned to a woman in maccas and said “you’re vegetarian”. SHe said yes and i told her to watch her iron. Also, I can think of something and then see a sign that corresponds to what i am thinking about. I also get many unfortunate symptoms, such as stabbing pains and hot pinprick sensations on my skin around people I fear.

    I have felt the energies of crystals very strongly too. I would love to be able to somehow come off medication and tap into the positive side, and believe that meditation is my best chance.

    Love to all, Kate

  • December 21, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    I have never been diagnosed with bipolar,because my life has been so very erratic and quick. There was a college teacher who thought the world of me – a great feminist lady with a heart of gold,who mentioned bipolar to my friends once.
    I have lost every friend i ever had and my whole family,besides my mother,late nana,grandad and very good husband because i couldn’t stand being around them anymore and they all took advantage of my nature.Or maybe,it was because i was a manic and they found me very difficult or pathetic. They all stabbed me in the back any way and made my life difficult.
    I am a psychic and not only do i have dreams and visions,things move and i have witnesses to the events. I get warnings about people who are going to pass over.
    The way i feel,i find difficult at times because i get very sad and blue. Other times,i have amazing ideas – i have a very successful business and could achieve anything until the down side/shadow side falls on me. I need lots of alone time and i really can’t make friends at all. The complete opposite of how i used to be.
    I don’t think bipolar would exist if people were sincere and loving and you could trust people.
    I think bi polar in my instance,although undiagnosed was caused by controlling family members and being constantly put down and judged and dibelieved. Feeling you need to try and please constantly,but without success.
    I’m proud of my spirituality and who i am,but it ain’t easy at times,when you just can’t stand family or social situations.

    • June 6, 2014 at 12:58 pm

      I understand, I feel like I am your twin with every thing you mentioned however, the only difference is I don’t consider myself psychic. I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit who reveals every thing you mentioned.I experience all the knowing things before they occur, and creativity. The crashing down not to complete or implement the ideas.

  • January 9, 2012 at 11:53 am

    I write myself with the left hand and my spirit guide writes with the right hand. Near 2000 -2001 I was guided to become less ignorant about world events/affairs and after rapid realisations began to portray future events via existing songs i.e. Sledgehammer. I used my 2 arms to rise up and come down. I portrayed the lyrics and music to predict a future event, evening using my hand to symbolise the sound of an airplane crashing which occurs at the end of the song. Not 11 months later 911 occurred and I was living in the US at the time. I portrayed Manhattan as the location in the broadway musical song America from West Side story. I played the the city that never sleeps from the movie track Nine 1/2 weeks which gave the location and approximate date. One of the placards I put in my window was ‘African Bush’, to symbolise an African American President while playing Terence Trent D’arby’s Dance Little Sister and Hot Chocolate’s ‘You sexy thing(miracles can happen). These are but a few examples of all that channelled through me. My point is that I knew what was occurring but medical ‘professionals’ and diagnosers did not. They are geared to consulting a pharmaceutical ever-expanding diagnostic manual produced by pharmaceutical companies, they get logically trained in mental health diseases and yet there is no holistic approach to people who may be gifted in other ways and yet get carted off! Let’s face it, Abraham upon seeing the burning bush and receiving a psychic message about the future of the Israelites didn’t get carted off did he? In today’s modern world we do. Pity really. There was so much info in my channelled presentation, including where we’re at now: the rise of China, and now economic warfare. My presentation was about the world about to change in the biggest way. Sure it looked loony but that’s because not one person ever bothered to chat to me about it and what I was getting, portraying/conveying or what I was receiving and putting out there. To me, all I need is a sleeping pill in order to sleep because I have an active mind. Until we get holistic approaches to so-called mental health issues we are stuck in ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ approaches. I’m multi-dimensional it’s a pity that mental health practictioners are not. PS: LE Mental is a play on words: Elemental is the world and universe we live in. If humans divorce their senses (psychic ones a well) and concentrate too much on technology we shall lose our ability to connect with the ‘divine’ and the information/prediction/wisdom it can convey.

  • February 1, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    You have fundamental misunderstanding of ‘psychic’ – nothing more than an opening of the psyche/energy system (controlled or uncontrolled – liked/disliked) of which the brain (decoder) synthesises various data. The sub-concious is the filter, each is different units of encoding, storage, retrieval etc.

    The problem with the mental health system is that it doesn’t address health issues as the main cause of mental imbalance (IE. psychosis caused from liver disorders etc.).

    Most people with Bipolar disorder whom are told by psychiatrists (I am not anti) that they have to be on iatrogenic causing medications for the rest of their lives, are unfit, unhealthy and don’t function well with a lack of major discipline. They may also have conflicting stupid religious ideas and various repression of the psyche and sexuality too.

    The human personality is a multi-structure, it is not just one, it is many which is why certain conflicts exist in psyche and memory is interchangeable consistently.

    Many people have been misdiagnosed under the mental system (which is ok, not against it) because GP’s really can’t get past, or care to have the time beyond basic diagnoses, a basic CBC reading from a computer print out.

    Many people are misdiagnosed as mentally ill when in fact – given real thorough specialist medical examination – they have a physical illness (usually complicated such as AI diseases), or anatomical issues per genetics, which actually cause psychological issues considering fatigue or sexual health problems etc etc.

    Society does put a lot of emphasis on looking good, health, and so on yet there are so many contradictions in the world. The FDA with all it’s fraudulent corruption is one of them:


    Above is an FDA which approves many antipsychotics as well… I’m not against pure science but research and so fourth is corrupt, get the point?

    Many people have incredible psychic experiences when they are in-fact unwell. (Read Stan Grof’s ‘The Cosmic Game’ for more on transpersonal consciousness experiences).

    People who claim to be awake and ‘psychic’ will tout “psychic experiences do not cause mood disorders and dysfunction” – TOTAL CRAP!

    Be well informed to your physical health before being misdiagnosed (and it’s up to 65% of psychiatric diagnoses statistically considering how complex the human body truly is) and adhering to the ‘crutch’ of pharma and mental illness stigma.

    There is nothing wrong with the use of psychiatry, though there is a lot of corruption and misinformation. In Finland, drugs are used far less for shorter times in cases of psychiatric mental illness such as schizophrenia. If a patient stays on drugs for too long even worse problems may arise.

    Current research is too corrupt and medical science is constantly changing unto pure science. We don’t know enough and yet at the same time information is hidden from public circulation and academia. Just the way it is.

    Thanks 🙂


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