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Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

Living with bipolar disorder often means taking medications regularly. That alone is a tough pill to swallow. Finding the right medicine “cocktail” often involves a month (or longer) journey of trials and adjustments. But once you find the right medicine and dose(s), taking your medication every day, as prescribed, drives the recovery and mood maintenance engines. Missing medicine or taking it at wildly different times each day makes it hard for the medicine to do its job and for you and your doctor to get a clear picture of what’s working, what’s not, and which medication may be causing undesirable side effects.

3 thoughts on “Bipolar Medication Mindfulness

  • March 4, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    I cant believe i have to write theis whole thing again. 99.9% of the quacks I have gone to over the years are idiots. I have gone to psychologists/psychiatrists/fnps. They dont listen dont give a shit. Just want their money. One guy talked about his life, summer home, fancey car and prescribed new drugs to me at the end of the session. got rid of him. Waste of my hard earned money, but filled his pockets, im sure from the pharamcutical company kickbacks. The next fnp started me on Abilify with side effects of tarkov dyskinesia. Two sessions after I mentioned I was having effects on my mouth I was told she noticed it the week before. She didnt stop the drug. Really??? i already have essential tremors, but that didnt seem important. IDIOT! i went to two other “professionals” (what a joke) telling them i switched because I was given a drug with tarkov dyskinesia side effects whcih EFFECTED ME, so I needed that to be known for future prescriptions. Both idiots prescribed meds with the same side effects. I questioned the first guy and he said, Ill have to check my records. IDIOT!! The next guy did the same thing and within weeks the side effects started again. I called to cancel the recheck appointment because I stopped the drugs,and he had the nerve to charge me a now show fee. Once again, who cares about the client, lets just make more money. I am now no longer seeing anyone. No one to trust. Im taking my chances without the drugs. MY life doesnt seem to mmatter to the idiots who claim that they do, so what is the difference. Maybe if some of these yahoos had any life experience with bipolar, depression, anxiety, panin attacks, ptsd, or any other emotional hardship, instead of reading it from booksj(and of coarse learning how to have a successsful, financially secure practice), they may be able to relate to someone who is in crisis and truely needs help. One last story from an IDIOT. I was asked how I was doing at the beginning of my 15 minuteS (or should I say MY 3 minute session). I told the professional (ha!!) that my sister had just commited suicide. At the end of his rambling, he said “is there anything else bothering you? I said, besides the agony i am going through with my sister taking her life?? He said, oh yeah, you did say that. IDIOT!! IDIOT!! how can anyone talk you down from the edge when youve been desparately reaching out for help for years and years and all thats out there are egotistical asshole who have NO CLUE!! I cant do it any more

  • April 23, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I learned first-hand the importance of bipolar medication mindfulness when I took the dosage of night medication (Seroquel, Prozac, clonazpam) again the next morning and was half asleep. I didn’t realize that I had done this. About a hour or so later, I was staggering when I walked and I had trouble hitting the right keys on my keyboard. A friend came by and became alarmed when he noticed that I was also slurring my words. He was afraid I’d had a stroke (I’m 67) and called 911 for an ambulance. I was pretty fogging and didn’t realize I had a problem! Long story short: I was examined for the signs of a stroke and kept overnight for observation (no meds). It wasn’t until the neurologist who examined me asked about medication I had taken that day. Uh-oh! I remembered that I had taken my night time dose again that morning. And there it was! I was relieved that I didn’t have a stroke but felt really stupid about what I did.The next morning, I could walk and talk normally and was discharged. I called my psychiatrist and he had already received the report from the neurologist at the hospital. He thought I purposely double-dosed. I really felt like an idiot. I bought a pill box with separate places for am and pm dosages so I wouldn’t get it mixed up again. Hope others will learn from my experience and practice bipolar medication mindfulness.

  • April 25, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    I like the idea that medication requires mindfulness to work (and that it’s not simply some passive quick fix). Without the other parts of my routine that strengthen my mindfulness (meditation, acupuncture, exercise, etc.) the medication wouldn’t be as effective.


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