3 thoughts on “Mad Pride: Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness

  • May 24, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    I am 13 years old, was diagnosed at age 8. I am trying to fight the stigma with my website. Please lets all do our part to make the public aware of this disorder especially early-onset bipolar disorder. We are kids that can strive,can succeed and do great things!!Help me spread the word!

  • September 30, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    A Call For Insurrection Against Psychiatry by Not Auguste Comte

    Psychiatry has replaced religion as the main instrument of social control of modern industrial societies. As the intrusion of the state into previously private realms in modern democracies has caused the need for more and more coerion; the power of civil society, family and religion have continously eroded. The existential freedom (and responsibility) of the individual to create his own values and meaning has been disappearing. Irrespective of the supposedly good intentions of activists, social workers, and politicians; the excessive concern with social equality can only lead to mental and perhaps literal slavery. Only this ‘excessive concern with social equality’ could, for example, justify giving children CNS stimulant drugs while at the same time prohibiting adults from using them.
    We reject the usage of medicine as an instrument of social control, however, we cannot totally free ourselves from the madhouse of the therapeutic state. The whole world has become a hospital. Popular opinion and politicians find it too useful to control people in this manner. We also reject most violence, not on the grounds that violence is in itself always bad, and while we will note the the rights of homosexuals was changed after the stonewall riots, violence is mostly bad and usually causes more problems than it solves. Rather than being pacificists we advocate the right kind violence in the right kind of way. We can sow the seeds for this right kind of violence by advocating out and out insurrection against psychiatry. An insurrection against psychiatry need not include violence in any way shape or form at this present time. For now we can safely advocate the following forms of insurrection:
    A) Lying to the medical profession. Because psychiatry is primarily (although not always) an instrument of social control, we should have no expectation whatsoever that mental health workers are agents of our interests. We should have no reason therefore to be honest to any member of the medical profession whatsoever at this point in history unless we have good reason to be. This includes giving a false history, tampering with drug tests, lying about disability to receive benefits, misleading court officials to receive more lenient sentences, and so on.
    B) Cheating at the game of psychiatry. If an age is imbued with error, then why be a victim of other people’s delusions? Decent profit could possibly be made from selling ritalin, so why not sell it? How can one possibly fake having a fake disease? Why should a victim of the inner city drug war not rob methadone users by slipping them naloxtone? A well versed malingerer would note the correct diseases to have: Fibromyalgia, for instance, cannot easily be disproved. Why not get rid of an enemy by “confessing” to a mental health professional that they may be abusing their child, suicidal, or depressed? It can probably be done anonymously through an employee assistance program, some of them have passwords and codes. The drug court system will allow a way out for the right minded criminal. Im not advocating that the average reader smuggle crack over the border unless so inclined, but cheat the therapeutic state if you can!
    C) Demonstrations of cheating. As it becomes obvious that some are cheating at the game of psychiatry one of two things will happen: Either it psychiatry will become more powerful or less powerful. It will only become less powerful if it is less useful to politicians. If it is becoming less powerful, well then all the better, if is becoming more powerful at least we are not being robbed by the delusions of others. So how do we demonstrate the cheating of psychiatry? Well we cant do it outright that would be too dangerous. Methods of cheating at the therapeutic state can and should be spread on books, art, writing to prisoners, leaders of gangs, psychiatry victims, Scientologists, and others who would likely be victims of psychiatric coercion.
    D) Rejection of activism. This is a non-political movement, we are going to take control of our lives and ignore the therapeutic state. It is beyond reforming. The powerful economic, social and political forces that gave birth to the therapeutic state are beyond the scope of this essay and they are beyond our conscious control regardless and we are not going to be the victims of society so some useless social parasite or politician can enjoy a more comfortable existence. The state will have to change its behavior when people are ignoring or cheating at the therapeutic game in the end.
    We have an exciting future ahead of us as we watch the therapeutic state crumble in front of our eyes. May we wait until the day when we can drink the blood of our enemies in the street! I will post follow up idea about the upcoming insurrection, just look up “not auguste comte”

  • May 16, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Wow im sure there could be another way to look at it


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