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Shorter Sleep Duration Linked to Mental Distress

We all know how important sleep is in maintaining mental health and mood stability. Results from a recent study confirm this and serve as a caution to parents and mental health professionals alike not to overlook sleep anomalies as early warning signs of depression, bipolar, or anxiety disorders in teenagers and young adults.

The lead author of the study is Nick Glozier, MBBS, MRCPsych, PhD, associate professor of psychological medicine at...
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Bipolar Disorder in Slovenia

Cecie and I were invited to visit Ljubljana (lyoo-blee-ah-nah), Slovenia for the release of the Slovene edition of Bipolar Disorder for Dummies. We accepted and have been in Slovenia since this past Thursday, 10/8/2009. We flew into Venice on Thursday to meet our gracious hosts, Darja Budja ("j" is pronounced "y") and her husband Simon Perko. Darja translated the book into Slovene...
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Night Owl or Early Bird?

I just read an article on eMax Health entitled "Bipolar Disorder Linked to Genes of Biological Clock." The article cites a study presented at the Eighth International Conference on bipolar disorder, suggesting that "abnormalities in the genes that control circadian rhythms (rhythms of approximately 24 hours, also called biological clock) contribute to the development of bipolar disorder (manic depression)."
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