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Bipolar Disorder Emergency: Send Police and an Ambulance

The other day, I was looking through a very helpful publication entitled "What To Do in a Psychiatric Crisis in Indiana," published by NAMI Indiana. I read it before and mentioned it in a previous post entitled "What To Do in a Psychiatric Crisis," but what struck me this time was the discussion of calling 911. If you call 911 to report a psychiatric crisis, the dispatcher is most likely to send...
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What To Do If a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder Is Arrested

If a loved one with mental illness or suspected mental illness is arrested, the goal is to transition the person as quickly as possible from the legal system to the healthcare system. The Los Angeles NAMI Criminal Justice Committee has posted a very thorough seven-step guide to help families navigate the criminal justice system in Los Angeles County when a family member who suffers from a brain disorder (mental illness) is arrested. It's...
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Understanding Psychosis, Hallucinations, and Delusions

In Wednesday's post, "Childhood Trauma Linked to Psychosis: Maybe Not," I introduced a few terms and concepts that many people seem to wrestle with. In this post, I try to clarify the terminology and explain some of the concepts related to psychosis, hallucinations, and delusions.


Psychosis is defined as an abnormality of thoughts (content) or thinking (process). Psychosis is not a diagnosis in itself but a type of psychiatric symptom...
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Bipolar Stories

The Unwelcome Gift

Did you ever have a teacher you loathed but came to appreciate, respect, and even love over time? I've had a few.

These were people who saw my real potential and pushed relentlessly, making it impossible to slack off and take short cuts. They brought out the best in me.

Oddly enough, the same can be said of Manic Depression. For me it has been a hard, even cruel teacher; however, without...
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Bipolar Disorder QA: SSRI Induced or True Bipolar?


Hi Dr. Fink. My husband of 30 years has just been diagnosed "possible Lexapro-induced hypomania/possible true BPD" After a very difficult and abusive childhood with alcoholic parents, he has been seasonally depressed as long as I have known him. Usually starting around November, and not clearing until late spring.

Although fully functional, he was having somatic complaints and once, an episode of chest pain severe enough...
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When Anger is Mistaken for Mania

From Kate:

On a recent admission to hospital I felt more anger than mania. I felt angry over an involuntary admission. As I vented my feelings of anger, they were perceived as symptomatic of a manic episode. Where does that "fine line" exist? Please tell.

We expect that situations like these occur more often than most professionals would like to admit. Although therapists often point out that "Nobody can make you...
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What To Do When a Loved One with Bipolar Shows Symptoms of Mania

Last week, Joe posted a piece entitled "Bipolar Dilemma: Insensitive Jerk or Irresponsible Oaf?" in an attempt to spark a discussion and collect insights on what to do when you sense that your loved one with bipolar is exhibiting symptoms of mania or hypomania. This week, Dr. Fink weighs in.

Dr. Fink

This dilemma lies at the heart of so much of the strife that families living with bipolar disorder face every day. I don't have any magic answers – I suspect that people...
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Bipolar Mania: A Vicious Cycle

Bipolar mania can really foul up the family dynamic. One minute, your family is cruising along on autopilot, and the next minute you're in a tailspin. It can begin innocently enough with a barely perceptible increase in irritability and criticism, and then quickly escalate...
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