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Archives for August, 2011


Who Decides Whether to Forcibly Medicate?

I just read an article on the FOX News website entitled, "Judge Rules Prison Doctors Can Forcibly Medicate Loughner." The article says that the key question is whether prison officials or a judge should decide whether Loughner should be forcibly medicated.
Loughner's attorneys also are fighting the forced medication at the 9th Circuit. The key question is whether prison officials or a judge should decide whether a mentally ill person who poses a...
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Why Not Drop the “Mental” from “Mental Illness”?

We distinguish between mental and physical illness. Why? Many illnesses we consider physical have a mental component, including ulcers, asthma, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, urticaria (hives), and sexual dysfunction. And the illnesses we consider mental all have a physical aspect to them, namely the brain. Yes, the brain is physical. It's not just some nebulous collection of emotions, thoughts, and brain waves concentrated in a person's head....
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Bipolar Research

Questioning Whether Bipolar Disorder Is An Illness

Several weeks ago, the British Psychological Society published a report online entitled "Understanding Bipolar Disorder." (You can download the 88-page report for free; although you must go through the purchase process to "buy" it, you're charged nothing for it. According to , the report will be available for free "for a limited period.")

Although the report doesn't make any groundbreaking revelations, it does contain some important reminders, including the...
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