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Book Review: The Family ADHD Solution

I know this is Bipolar Beat and not ADHD Beat, but a close colleague of mine just published a book that I think is one of the best for helping families deal with ADHD, and I wanted to post about it to spread the word.

Mark Bertin MD is the author of The Family ADHD Solution (Palgrave Macmillan) which blends the science of ADHD and brain development into remarkably powerful tools for families and children living with this disorder. ADHD is a common and enormously challenging neurological disorder of the brain that disrupts children’s’ and family’s lives every day. In the first part of the book, Dr. Bertin presents the most current scientific understanding of ADHD in an accessible, useful discussion – efficiently cutting through a lot of the misunderstandings and distortions that surround this diagnosis.

The next part of the book looks at the ways that we can help to train the brain and improve skills for paying attention and controlling impulses. Dr. Bertin’s focus in this book is on a technique called mindfulness – which has actually been around for thousands of years but has been the subject of intensive scientific study in recent years. And it turns out to be one of our most powerful tools in helping people to change their brain – and specifically to change the brain in how it focuses and regulates itself.

Dr. Bertin’s approach to parenting the child with ADHD is rooted in parents caring for themselves through mindfulness training – and using this as a starting point for more effectively helping to train their child’s brain to more effectively listen, follow directions, and control impulses. He provides specific exercises and guidance on using mindfulness within the family that are easy to follow and practice.

In addition to focusing on the mindfulness model, he also walks the reader through the range of interventions for ADHD – including educational supports and medication, describing these strategies within his core model of a more informed, peaceful, and focused approach to helping your child.

I have been waiting for the book to be published so that I could share it with my patients and families, because it pulls together so much of what I want families to know about ADHD and about how to start the process of facing it together.

I want to help families develop a positive and problem solving approach, which creates a peaceful and nonjudgmental environment for reducing and even eliminating the disruption and chaos that so many families experience in living with ADHD. This book will become one of my basic tools in working with families to achieve these goals.

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Book Review: The Family ADHD Solution

Candida Fink, MD

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