Bi-Polar Expedition Cover ImageI just finished reading Bi-Polar Expedition by Neil Walton (Chipmunka Publishing, 2007), and I must admit it was a very gripping read for me. I found it astounding that the paranoid delusions and hallucinations that Mr. Walton experienced during his manic highs so closely resembled my own imaginings.

After reading other bipolar memoirs and descriptions of people’s manic experiences, I guess these are recurring themes. How odd though, I think, that people from such different walks of life, education and socio-economic backgrounds, even gender (male or female) should experience the same types of far-fetched fantasies in our hyped-up minds.

Mr. Walton’s writing style is very straightforward. He comes across as an “everyman” – someone we all know or have known. He has been hardworking and dedicated throughout his life, until life decides to throw him one too many punches. This coupled with the fact that he was already dealing with depression sent him reeling into a twelve year roller coaster ride that would leave most people dead from exhaustion.

The fact that Mr. Walton chooses to write down the story of these twelve years of his life is something that I believe (and he says) serves as both therapy for him and as an offering to the world in the hope that it will help someone else get through a similar time in their life… or help a loved one who may be suffering with a mental illness. I found it both hopeful and helpful, and would definitely recommend it.

My one minor criticism and caveat is that the book could have used some more careful editing.

If you’ve read the book, please share your impressions of it.

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