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Archives for November, 2010

Bipolar Stories

The Unwelcome Gift

Did you ever have a teacher you loathed but came to appreciate, respect, and even love over time? I've had a few.

These were people who saw my real potential and pushed relentlessly, making it impossible to slack off and take short cuts. They brought out the best in me.

Oddly enough, the same can be said of Manic Depression. For me it has been a hard, even cruel teacher; however, without...
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Bipolar Disorder QA: SSRI Induced or True Bipolar?


Hi Dr. Fink. My husband of 30 years has just been diagnosed "possible Lexapro-induced hypomania/possible true BPD" After a very difficult and abusive childhood with alcoholic parents, he has been seasonally depressed as long as I have known him. Usually starting around November, and not clearing until late spring.

Although fully functional, he was having somatic complaints and once, an episode of chest pain severe enough...
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Book Review: Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg

I recently read Invisible Driving by Alistair McHarg. This captivating novel is his autobiographical account of surviving his third major manic episode. As one might imagine, time passes at an accelerated rate during mania, and thus the book has an extremely fast and increasingly frenetic pace. In other words, it's a very quick read.

As one who is familiar with the highs of bipolar disorder, I found it quite interesting and...
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Antidepressant Use in Bipolar Disorder: The Ongoing Debate

In a letter to the editor of the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association , printed November 2010, Alan Eppel, , cites an article published in the July 2010 issue of the journal that examined the use of antidepressants in bipolar II disorder. Mr. Eppel questions the clinical significance of the results of the study and claims the study adds "more fuel to the three-decades old debate between...
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Book Review: Bi-Polar Expedition by Neil Walton

I just finished reading Bi-Polar Expedition by Neil Walton (Chipmunka Publishing, 2007), and I must admit it was a very gripping read for me. I found it astounding that the paranoid delusions and hallucinations that Mr. Walton experienced during his manic highs so closely resembled my own imaginings.

After reading other bipolar memoirs and descriptions of people's manic experiences, I guess these are recurring themes. How odd though, I think, that people from...
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Bipolar Research

Recruiting Participants for Bipolar Research

Ever wonder how to participate in one of the many bipolar research studies you often read or hear about? Well, it's about to become a whole lot easier to find out about these studies.

The University of Michigan Depression Center and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance have announced a partnership to create an information clearinghouse that will help connect individuals who have mood disorders to research opportunities....
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