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Flawed Or Perfect?

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Rise Above with Spiritual Connection

If you have ever thought to yourself, or have embraced the energy of feeling as if you are flawed at the core of your being you are not alone. Sometime the pain and feelings of defeat are so overwhelming when experiencing the fall out of a severe depression or manic episode, that a person questions his or how own core being. This does not have to be so.

My closing post for this blog will re-visit spirituality. With that said, I just want to leave you with some encouragement and to encourage you to explore that part of you that cannot be touched or defined by your past or the events that may have occurred as a result of behavioral expressions of mental dis-ease.

In addition to learning about bipolar and exploring your options for treatment, you will likely want to work with your therapist to heal the wounds of relationship loss, chaos, and or other possible fall out. Yet on an even deeper level, the art and science of establishing a firm and unmovable awareness of your core- and most authentic self can be the most potent work you can do for yourself, and can yield the result of sustainable self esteem, which leads to a rechargeable ability to reset, find motivation, and move forward, no matter what things might look like during a temporary setback.

We are “programmed” to perceive spirituality and mental health as separate from each other; as if one can experience one without the other; yet when a person experiences psychological distress, they also often feel spiritually depleted, likewise, when one is feeling spiritually fulfilled, one also enjoys psychological balance.

One of the most important goals of the spiritual seeker is to connect with a power beyond one’s self; beyond the drama that one find him or herself in and to experience and even feel the meaning of life itself, while within it discovering one’s own purpose within this larger grand plan. Benefits of experiencing such a connection include an awareness of a center within that contains calm, peace, and contentment, and it is through his very center that the seeker experiences the spiritual connection. While I am not here to suggest any particular spiritual path or practice, I highly encourage you to find your own. I am a firm believer that Mental Health and Feeling of Wellness are facilitated by a strong faith and an ability to connect to one’s own spirituality. With the tool of connecting to one’s own spiritual self and one’s own higher power, a person naturally find him or herself with increased self control, and easier process during recovery periods, a built in stress reducers, improved personal and professional relationship, and a health self image. A spiritual practice will provide a steady structure with uplifting routine, Prayer and meditation reduces stress, and faith gives us strength to carry on, move forward and overcome obstacles for you will never be without hope and you will become increasingly aware of the perfection of your core being and that any and all flaws are temporary conditions that can and will be removed by the process of spiritual grown. This in and of itself can hold joy in the deepest parts of your heart, even when you experience ups and down of life.

Thank you for reading my posts, I pray you have enjoyed them.

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Flawed Or Perfect?

Dr. Barbara Bachmeier

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