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The Creative Impulse

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The Healing Force of Art Form

Many people who have experienced manic episodes but are currently stable, perhaps on medications; may remember extreme creativity during their manic phase. Often, the choice to take medication and get treatment is related to the resulting chaos and sometimes devastating disruptions in one’s personal life that motivates the person with bipolar to maintain their treatment program; yet they may also feel that their creative side must be nurtured and nourished. If you are one of these people, you are right.

You might conclude that tending to one’s mundane daily business, living a balanced predictable life with a basic routine that include medications and tending to daily business might stifle the creative impulse or stifle the spirit. Some creative individuals might argue that the opposite is true. In fact, containing this impulse may actually provide the person filled with creative energy a way to channel this energy in a very positive, constructive, and effective manner that will not only provide him/her with that satisfying feeling, but may also bless others.

Once a person has established a dependable routine and is feeling stable with his/her relationships, school or vocation, and other aspects of life in general, she/he can settle into a “routine” that will also support reconnecting with that creativity. One very good and healthy way of doing this is to carve out regular time to engage in activities that quiet your mind and regenerate your soul. We have talked about manadala work in my other posts, and this is one activity that can be very effective in regenerating your creativity. We have also talked about other practices such as prayer, mediation, yoga etc. Any activity that quiets your mind for at least 30 minutes a day will eventually work as a catalyst to reconnect you with your creativity. The medication that you are taking will help you to keep it contained and channeled into a beneficial manifest form, and will help you to keep your thoughts organized while you engage in the creative process. Thus, although you may not feel an extreme rush from the experience, you can feel an extreme satisfaction.

What do I mean by “manifest form”? In addition to including a regular activity that quiets your mind and regenerates your creativity, you will want to identify the form, the creation that you want to manifest. In other words, what do you want to create? Pictures? Poems? Music? Dance? Sculpture? Photography? Movies? Websites? Books?…….. If you do not already have an art form that you enjoy creating, then find one that you enjoy. Take classes an develop your skills. Stay with your preferred art from until you develop enough skills to combine your creativity with your skills so that you can create beautiful art. You will be satisfied and find a wonderful level of fulfillment. And the beauty is, by staying with one art form an “mastering” that process, you will also be healing much of the emotional wounding that often occurs as a result of the fall out of having a mental illness, or feeling misunderstood, or of not feeling as if you have an outlet to express yourself. You will also be balancing your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and your life though engaging in the process of your art form. This is the healing force of art form; This is positive mental health.

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The Creative Impulse

Dr. Barbara Bachmeier

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