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Integration of Self-A Unified Whole

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Creativity, Self Acceptance, and Balance


We have explored aspects of creativity that are so common among individual who have challenges with mania and depression. We have embraced self acceptance. We discovered tools that empower us to be proactive in our recovery and our own stability. We continue to strive for balance in our relationships, our work, our spiritual aspirations and our lives.

A process of awakening to the many facets of oneself, including mood, beliefs, thought habits and patterns, triumphs and defeats, overcoming the demons within and without, unfolding to the truth and beauty of our authentic self and our genuinely inspired path has been a quest for many people who experience the often disruptive effects of bipolar disorder. Integrating and honoring all of this that is within you, pausing in the space of “what is” brings forth the experience of unification of the whole self; herein lies a path to balance.

We have explored adopting habits to help facilitate stability. In past posts, this has included creating a realistic structure and routine, creating a healthy and robust support system, developing a wellness and recovery plan and more. We have reflected upon ways in which one becomes empowered within through faith and self acceptance. We have reviewed self help techniques including meditation, wellness and recovery plans, medication regimens, affirmation, stress management, and more.

Healing and recovery from the effects of episodes of mania and/or depression is somewhat like the sound of the symphony. All of the components of a symphony, including the players, the instruments, and the conductor work together in a synergetic manner creating a unified sound of music that the audience experiences. Likewise, by integrating both the external actions of self care and the inner actions of self awareness, self understanding, and self acceptance an individual can move forward toward feeling that sense of balance and equilibrium in life. Over time, the peace that comes with balance and integration will become more appealing than the initial excitement that a lurking mood swing might promise for such excitement often leads toward self destruction and chaos that often takes much effort to remedy. This desire for inner peace and a harmonious world entices the individual to move forward in spite of fears or self doubt.

Today, I want to share words of encouragement to you and feelings of inspiration. I found a website that is called: Bipolar Bandit and it posted 50 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire:

The one I liked; “May you never forget what is worth remembering an never remember what is best forgotten.”

Here is another website that I found. You might like it. It is called: Bipolar Disorder, Stories of Coping and Courage: Families for Depression Awareness and Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

This site is filled with real people who have real experiences with Bipolar Disorder and share with others, “What works”.


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Integration of Self-A Unified Whole

Dr. Barbara Bachmeier

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