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Bad Bad Burn

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Review, Reset, Return

Return to Balance

In our last two blogs, we explored survival techniques for climbing out of a “crash” after a manic episode. By taking things step by step we can often avoid a serious depression that sometimes grabs us after “the fall”.

For my own being blooms when returning home, to that cherished light I have always known

I may have forgotten, for a moment in time, that in reality, this love is mine

A silent  knowing that’s all part of the dance, sometimes Its easy, sometimes not, but always finding a way

It is time for me now, to allow the soft winds return my soul, returning, returning my soul and balance this day

There is something beyond me guiding my path, and I don’t always know where its taking me

But nothing happens by chance,  my faith is now strong,  I shall become what I’m meant to be

Sure, the wild fires may rush through my world, and sometimes I fly too high to fast

Sometimes I am blinded by what overcomes me, or too focused on my past

But that steady strong force that centers my core

Is braver and kinder and wiser now,  more so than before

With something new added to soul, the center, the core of my being,

This will go with me wherever I am this beautiful re-centering

I am balanced I am whole, I am real, I am safe, without fear,

And all because the light within, will always bring me here.

When we talk about the “return” we are talking about regaining that sense of normalcy, and the feelings of competency that help us to feel grounded.  We want to overcome the overwhelm and begin to work from the center of our being again. After the “Reset” time, it is time to re- enter the world of family, friends, work, and community.  We do not want to hide out forever.  With that said, the “Return” is best achieved if you put together a systematic approach to being “tuned” into the subtle changes in your moods so that you know when it is time to take a break, and when it is time to move forward. Keep your “To Do” list going, and delegate your time for “repair” work to one day a week, if that is possible.  The idea is to slow down and embrace a balanced approach to daily life. For example, if you have relationship repair work to do, you may have developed a list of letters that you will need to write, and ideas of ways to make amends.  Instead of overwhelming yourself, it is better to carve out one day a week to do this work, if possible.  This may even become a regular part of your life as you dedicate a day per week to connect with a loved one. Or, you may have to work through some money snags that were created during a manic episode.

Carving out one money day a week is always a good idea.  There is no time like the present to delegate a couple of hours one day a week to really focus on money matters.  This is also a good habit to keep even after the money problems are cleared up.  If you have legal problems, again, taking a day of each week to focus on that, to make your phone calls, write your letters, and review your situation is a way to help your mind understand that you will tend to the business so that it can relax.

Next, add in something pleasurable each week.  This can be anything from stopping at your favorite yogurt place every Friday, to going to a movie. Perhaps you will do something different each week.  But plan it-put it in your schedule. Make taking care of you part of your balanced life. Perhaps week one is a massage, week two is a movie, week three is a yogurt stop, and week four is window shopping. By taking the time to regulate your pressing personal business, and integrating personal “balancing” time, or self nurturing, you increase the probability that you wont become overwhelmed. Some simple and inexpensive ways to self nurture include stopping at the local grocery store for a lunch, then taking it to the park- go for a walk in the sunshine and then sit and eat your lunch at the park. Go for a drive to a nearby town that you have never seen before.  If they have a museum, take a look. Get a list of sightseeing tours in your own local neighborhood- and take yourself.  I found a nice little downloadable/printable list of Self Nurturing Activities on  (retrieved 2/28/2015)  Enjoy- Be Patient- Don’t take short cuts, you have time-

I read all of your comments, and they guide me in my writing.  This is your blog 🙂

Bad Bad Burn

Dr. Barbara Bachmeier

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