Soul Goals and Miracles

The Caregiver’s Journey

When a person becomes a caregiver for a loved one who has a mental illness, he/she enters a world where former expectations and ideas about how the world is or should be will be challenged. While the world of the person who struggles with the challenges of mental illness offers unique passages of personal and spiritual growth; so too does the path of the caregiver.


My Moods; My Life

Strategies For Wellness

The overall purpose of this blog that I have been posting for the last several months has been that of connecting you to a variety of informational tid-bits that you can use, and/or explore further. It is my hope that you have enjoyed some benefit from what has been provided here. The goal is empowerment; increased awareness, and the development of effective skills the objective.


Emotional Freedom-Easy Moods

Adjunct and Complimentary Therapy

Over the last several months we have explored a variety of adjunct and complimentary therapies that la person who is managing symptoms of bipolar might benefit from. Many individuals wonder if there are any alternative therapies and/or medications that can actually replace the medication that is prescribed by a psychiatrist.


Emotion, Soul, Mind, Mood and Music

The Magic of Rhythm

Have you ever felt like the music is carrying you away? Or as if you are being animated by the rhythm of the song? Perhaps you are. Have you ever experienced feeling one level of energy, and then, when listening to a particular song with a particular rhythm, your entire energy level changes? We have all experienced and irresistible urge to tap our feet to a lively song.

In essence,...


To Sooth The Soul

Music Therapy

Science may not yet explain exactly how, but music sooths the soul and connects us with our emotions. It is not uncommon for a person to endorse the healing effects of music. Music therapy is an adjunct therapy that might offer a person who is suffering from a serious mental illness comfort, hope, and balance.


Breaking Free

Holistic Integration Through Dance Therapy

Do you ever just want to break through the barriers and into a freedom where your spirit is free? To find yourself in that space where you are lifted beyond limitations while at the same time operating from the very center of yourself? Feeling your whole self, including emotions, body, mind and spirit integrated as one complete entity moving with the multiple forces of the universe breaking barriers of...


Emotional Healing

Six Ways Art Therapy Helps

Some things are difficult to express in words; trauma, difficult feeling, feelings of ambivalence, or conflicting and confusing emotions are often difficult to put into words. The highs and lows of bipolar come with a unique set of challenges; yet there is more to finding balance than just managing cycles of mania and depression. Art therapy can provide and individual a way to process thoughts, feelings and emotions that he or she cannot sort out in their mind or through talking alone.


Safe From the Bully

Prevention and Intervention

Being bullied can make a child feel helpless, alone, and very, very frightened. This kind of stress is very difficult for a child who does not have any mental health issues to manage. This stress is intensified when a child must manage his/her mood swings of bipolar disorder, worry about balancing mental health, and also deal with the torment of bullying. If you...


Is Your Child a Victim of Bullying?

Signs of Victimization

A child with Bipolar Disorder is not automatically going to be a target for bullying. However, some children with Bipolar Disorder may either feel different, or even seem different to his or her peers if his/her mood cycle is extreme, or if the child has co occurring ADHD. The disorder itself is not sentence to vulnerably to mistreatment.

Victims are often those who are perceived to be...