Bipolar Disorder


Today I finished my job at the not for profit. Yup, big news. Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Lots of stuff happening. Hard to keep up! But for a change it is some good things going on.

Bipolar Disorder

Be Selfish

I’m tired. These past few months have been exhausting. Anyone else feeling that way? Seems like here we are at fall and I can’t even remember a lot about summer. It just flew by. I read something on FB that said summer should get a speeding ticket. True don’t you think?

Bipolar Disorder

Still Fighting

Well I sulked for a while after not getting that last job. I really did. Full on grown up sulked. I felt like a bit of a fool for doing all of that extra work and not getting the job. They did tell me that it was a hard decision and that I was on their radar and that I should apply for another position in the company. So after a full period of feeling sorry for myself I did apply for another job with the same company.


Estranged is Just Strange

Estranged. Such a weird word. Sounds like someone is getting strangled. And it sounds uncomfortable.

This is my life right now. I am estranged from my husband. I don’t even know if I can call him a husband anymore. What is the correct term? Ex-husband. No papers have been signed, but I guess that is what he is. Just feels so strange to say it. It will take some getting used to.


A Rough Path

I didn’t get the job. I found out today. They gave it to someone internally. I am extremely disappointed. Extremely. I worked over a week on those second interview assignments. I gave up a weekend to put a presentation together. Of course someone internally would get the position over me. How could I possibly compete? Why would they even ask me to do all that stuff if they were going to give it to someone they already knew. I busted my ass for that.



So this is a follow up to my previous post. A Letter to my 23 Year Old Self.

I wrote that letter two years ago. I told myself that true love would come. That all the fighting and scratching I did to find it would materialize. And it did for the briefest of moments. But now that is over.