Medication and Intimacy

For any one of us coping with a mental illness we are dealt a hard blow. We deal with so many different symptoms, from depression to psychosis on a daily basis. There isn't much in life that we enjoy when we are symptomatic, but when we come out of the state we're in we want to enjoy life again and that includes sex.

Schizo-Affective Disorder

Helping A Loved One Who Has Schizo-Affective Disorder

Being a care-taker for someone with any kind of severe mental illness can be taxing and exhausting.

I've watched my own husband go through not knowing what to do when I am at my worst. He struggles with what is the best way to help me and he sometimes falls short; we all do to be honest. And quite frankly it can be easy to take advantage of someone who is trying their best to help...

Bipolar Disorder

It’s Not The End Of The World

Three Times the Fight
It truly isn't the end of the world. It may feel like it for me right now, but I've handled my mental health diagnoses pretty well up until this point I'll continue to fight either way.

I really thought having Bipolar Disorder was the end for me. The prognosis didn't look very good and the thought of taking medication every day to remain stable was horrifying. It took me four years to come...

Schizo-Affective Disorder

Psychiatric Admission and Children

I was recently admitted (voluntarily) into a Psychiatric Hospital. I won't go into the grueling details for now, but it was an experience I have never had before. I've always been admitted into Psychiatric Wards of local hospitals or taken to the Crisis Bed Center. This time it was much different.

My diagnosis has currently changed from having Bipolar Disorder to having Schizo-Affective Disorder - Bipolar Type. I promise to touch more on this in the...

Self Care

Bipolar and Physical Health

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and for the last four years, I have let Bipolar dictate my life. Sure, I thought I had my symptoms under control but they kept popping their ugly heads into my daily life. I take my medication like I'm supposed to, but I haven't been doing much else to control my symptom.