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Scatterbrained – I Can’t Get My House Together!

Sometimes I really have to wonder if I don’t have ADHD! I am so scatterbrained today, I just don’t have a clue what is wrong with me! I have been trying to do my chores today while taking care of all 3 kids and I am so frustrated. The more I clean the messier my house gets. It is really irritating that I can’t complete even one task.

I start the morning with Walmart – that was eventful. I hate Walmart, they need to build a Target in my town and that will relieve at least 50% of my stress! Anyway, I return from Walmart and stack my several bags on the counter. My husband scurries off to work and my kids go bananas. So I round them up and threaten them with no mini cupcakes if they don’t quit fighting and they quickly calm down. So here is where we begin the mad chaos – my attempt at house cleaning.

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Scatterbrained – I Can’t Get My House Together!

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  1. I recommend, heartily, Flylady ( for you. Doesn’t quite work for me because I’m in some ways your opposite, once I start I don’t stop till I’m exhausted, but I’m thinking the 15 minute timers would do you the world of good.
    Good luck!


  2. I think most of us have had days like this. A little bit here, a little bit there, eventually you say – “Okay, stop – finish this first.” But it’s hard when there is so much to do and you want it all done yesterday. But with house work you can always be assured that whatever you didn’t get done today will still be there tomorrow and at the end of the day is it worth aggravating yourself over it?

  3. Beth sounds totally normal to me only I would have probably put cars in washing machine dishwasher fridge or all three

  4. Oh dear, sounds like me, but I only have one 3 year old. Feel some of your pain. Hopefully the ibuprofen at least got it’s job done without any run-around.

  5. As I was reading your post, I feel the tiredness and stress. I would suggest, you should make a time schedule for you to manage everything.

  6. dear beth: you could be my TWIN!!! This happens to me at least twice a week…i am an extremely private person and would NEVER be caught reading a blog about being a bipolar mom let alone actually commenting on one but i had to take this opportunity to thank you for literally saving my life…i was at my wits end and ready to end my life when i stumbled over this blog. I couldn’t believe there was someone else out there whose life and struggles mirrored mine so closely! i have a 6 and 7 year old and had decided they were better off with no mom at all as opposed to having me…i am having an assessment in an hour as to how to proceed with my treatment as i was halfway thru a bottle of lortab with no intentions of waking up when i read your blog and spent the rest of the night draped over the toilet with self induced vomiting to get the drugs our of my system…i have a LONG road of recovery ahead of me and i have YOU (and GOD) to thank for my second chance at life! i just had to let you know when the haters are bashing you and life is beating you down, always remember your candiness has saved a life! GOD BLESS!!!

  7. I have a specific calender…downloaded from pintrest…that details what is to be done every day, morning and night. I need it broken down for me…I am very task oriented and can manage small chunks of chores. When I think about the whole house, I easily become over whelmed and won’t get ANYthing done!!! (I hate to clean, too, so that just adds insult to injury.)Here is the calendar link: ( hope I did this right:

  8. Sounds like you have adult ADHD. I have it and I can relate to everything you shared. You should get a diagnostic evaluation from an Adult ADHD Specialist and if diagnosed, you should start treatment and medication as well as educate yourself about ADHD symptoms. Your life will get better and more organized.


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