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Autism: Regression Sucks!

tantrumcrpdMy little one with autism is approaching 3 1/2. He’s a great little guy with a ton of personality and he’s so smart. I have watched him grow for the past few months in his therapy at school and it has been so exciting. We got a progress report recently showing he is meeting all of his IEP goals.

I have felt hopeful. I have felt proud of him, and often filled with intense emotion watching him advance. I have felt many things, but disappointment has not been one of them.

Over the past 10 days or so, we have seen major regression but it has only been at home. I have spoken with his teacher and his day care provider and they have seen no change in him. He’s still doing really good.

So why are we having so many problems at home? I just don’t get it.

There haven’t been any major changes or adjustments at home. Things have been normal for the most part. I am home almost every evening so he’s not “rebelling” to me being back at work. I am home almost every night when he comes home.

Suddenly, he’s gone back to showing behavior that we haven’t seen since last fall. He frequently starts spinning in circles, throwing himself around, hitting, biting, scratching, screaming, and of course the tantrums. The tantrums are exhausting.

He is picky about his clothes and shoes again – only wearing one specific pair of boots. He harasses his siblings, tears things apart, he’s so destructive. All of our potty training efforts have been for nothing as he wont even consider going near the potty.

I am mentally exhausted by this.

I have been paying close attention to anything that could potentially be disruptive to him and his routine and I find nothing. We try to talk to him and all we get are no’s and fighting. Eating is even getting challenging because he has gone back to only eating starchy foods.

He is only 3, I am hoping that this is not the start of his autism getting more severe. I am so anxious. I did not think it could get worse without any triggers once progress was being made. I know that change and major events can cause a child to regress, but this is out of the blue.

I am very concerned that he will start these behaviors at school or even worse, at his daycare. If he starts doing this at daycare I know he will not be able to attend. It was discussed when he started that if his behaviors got severe he would need to be pulled from her care.

Now my anxiety is extremely high. I feel like I’m losing the battle with his Autism. I don’t want to let it defeat me.

I am completely out of options.

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Autism: Regression Sucks!


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